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5 Foods Of Tamil Nadu That One Cannot Miss

Tamil Nadu, a beautiful state located in southern part of India is popular for its delicious and mouth watery foods. Being a really privileged place, it has a variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods to taste. A light snack for the evening or a heavy meal after the morning fast, you name it, Tamil Nadu has it all. Presenting a few, delightful foods for your next meal in Tamil Nadu:

The Taste of Tamil Nadu

The Taste of Tamil Nadu


  • The traditional Idli Sambhar

No matter wherever you go, a Tamilian will always search for idly and sambhar. Idli is a food that is easily available and even a starter for grand breakfasts. To make Idli more delicious, pour the steamy chutney and sambhar over it. Adding on hot Vadas with coriander leaves being garnished would be the perfect taste of Tamil Nadu. Also, the seasonings and the flavours can be modified according to the taste making this dish of Tamil Nadu a loved one throughout India.

Price- 10-20 INR at roadside stalls. Goes up to even 300 INR in 5-star restaurants.

Where to have it? Kancheepuram

Idli Sambhar with Chutney

Idli Sambhar with Chutney


  • Thirunelveli Halwa as a sweet

Semolina, ghee (oil), nuts and sugar are the key ingredients behind this magical sweet dish of Tamil Nadu. The preparation time is just twenty to thirty minutes. However, it’s taste would remain on your tongue forever. Originated in a small town near Thirunelveli, this ancient food of Tamil Nadu has travelled really far. In Tamilnadu, a feast would never end without a sweet and that sweet is obviously halwa. You can even ask for a few spoons of extra ghee, the sweet will automatically melt in your mouth.

Price- 20-200 INR (varies on the basis of quantity)

Where to have it? Thirunelveli, the place of its origin.

Thirunelveli Halwa

Thirunelveli Halwa


  • Vathal Kulambu from Tamil Nadu

A hot plate full of rice is waiting for you. Add a spoon full of Vathal Kulambu to it and mix it well. Its aroma has the power of making you feel hungry. A spicy blend of pulses with tamarind pulp, mustard seeds and oil, and your meal is ready to be both used or stored.(It can be used up to ten days). Secret ingredients people add to this varies from one person to another. Generally, ‘Sundakaai’ or ‘a homemade Vathal’ is used for this. Also, make sure that you are having it hot so that it tastes the best.

Price- 25-50 INR

Where to have it? Near Kumbakonam

Vathal Kulambu

Vathal Kulambu


  • Pongal Vada, the mouth-watering food

This one is a popular breakfast in Tamil Nadu. It is a dish that can make your appetite full in a single plate. Roasted almonds and cashew nuts added to it make it even more delicious too. It can be taken either as a sweet with jaggery being added to it or as a hot meal item with a pinch of salt and chilly. A cup full of chutney or sambhar with Pongal Vada would be one of the best combinations of meal you have ever had in your life.

Price- 30-70 INR

Where to have it? You can find amazing Pongal Vada everywhere in Tamil Nadu. It is hard to choose the best one.

Pongal Vada

Pongal Vada


  • Rasam Appalam

After a day full of heavy work, you would love to rest, and so would your stomach. Having a bowl full of spicy rasam with a bite of Appalam, the crispy snack of Tamilnadu’s lunch, is always amazing. It can be cooked in ten minutes and a hot, yummy meal is ready for you. Add tomatoes or pepper as per taste, and get the amazing meal.

Price- 20-40 INR

Where to have it? Every restaurant and roadside stall across the state offers you amazing Rasam Appalam.




Next time when you visit Tamil Nadu, make sure to try out these dishes. You will surely fall in love with this food.


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