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Oberoi celebrations, Songkran, BananiVista

Celebrate the Thai New Year, Songkran With Oberoi Bangalore At Rim Naam

                  Enjoy An Evening Relishing Thai Cuisines at Rim Naam, Oberoi Bangalore

Oberoi celebrations, Songkran, BananiVista

Captivated by the greeting at Rim Naam.

The Oberoi Bangalore celebrates each and every festival with pomp and grandeur. Whether it’s an Indian festival or a global celebration, Oberoi never fails to glorify it. And what would be the best way to celebrate if not with the related food and drinks? After all, that’s what connects all of us together. Then how could they not celebrate the traditional Thai New Year- Songkran?

This Thai water festival is celebrated in Thailand for 3 consecutive days.  This is the time of the year for cleaning and washing away the bad luck, misdeeds, and misfortunes from the previous year and to start anew.  In India, during this time people celebrate Baisakhi, Poila Baisakh and Bihu, similarly, in Thailand, people celebrate Songkran- a festival that they enjoy with their family cherishing home-style cooking traditional dishes.  The Oberoi sets out to reflect this in their menu for their restaurant Rim Naam and hence Chef Napharphak Prompaksa has created dishes which bring a handful of classic traditional specialties straight from the “Land of Smiles”- Thailand.

This food festival is available only until 22nd April hence it would be better to book your seats in prior to try those tantalizing dishes. To start with one can have Tom Som Pak (spicy clear soup with mixed vegetables and flavoured with Thai herbs)/Tom Som Pla (Spicy clear soup flavoured with Thai herbs). I served myself with Tom Som Pak and yes, since it was light along with the freshness of herbs, it was a good start to the meal.

Oberoi celebrations, Songkran, BananiVista

Tom Som Pak

If you are love binging on Tofu, then you can go for Tao Hu Thod. What I liked about the dish is the softness of the tofu that melts in the mouth like jelly. However, what stand out in the appetizers were the Goong pun Oyi – a unique creativity was seen in this dish where one can relish the mild spices in the prawn chops surmounted on sweet juicy sugarcane sticks. Don’t forget to chew the sugarcane sticks 😉

Oberoi celebrations, Songkran, BananiVista

Goong pun Oyi

As you head towards the main course, I would suggest having Mee Kra Ti on your plate. This dish is incredible in taste and one of the favorites on that lunch table. Cooked with beetroot sauce and coconut milk the vermicelli was just too perfect for the palate. I find crabs tasty but always messy when it comes to break the shell and eat the meat. However, worry not, Poo nim ohad pong Curry, the crab is stir-fried in yellow curry eggs and meat will be served and you can relish it in a manageable way.

Oberoi celebrations, Songkran, BananiVista

Mee Kra Ti

Oberoi celebrations, Songkran, BananiVista

Poo nim ohad pong Curry

Fish and ginger are one of my favorite combinations and if you also love this pairing then Pla Neang see olw is your thing. The fish is too delicate and cooked in light soy and ginger.  I would also recommend having the Moo thod kartiam, Deep fried pork in Onion and garlic sauce which would crave to ask for more.

Oberoi celebrations, Songkran, BananiVista

Moo thod kartiam

Oberoi celebrations, Songkran, BananiVista

Pla Neang see olw

To help with the digestion, desserts are served which are simple yet delicious. You shouldn’t miss the traditional Thai dessert- Kar Khom Tom, sticky rice (glutinous rice) with sweet coconut milk served with juicy yellow mangoes.

Oberoi celebrations, Songkran, BananiVista

Kar Khom Tom

Coconut Sorbet is something that shouldn’t be missed.

Oberoi celebrations, Songkran, BananiVista

Coconut Sorbet


I’m sure you would love this Thai experience and yes, thank me later!

The festival is ending soon on 22nd April hence book your table now for a sumptuous dinner with your family and special ones. Booking can be done in two slots (7PM-9PM) and (9PM-11PM). To book, call +91 80 2558 5858 or 80 4135 8199

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