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Celebrate The Art And Craft Of Madhya Pradesh

Celebrate The Art And Craft Of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh- India ka Dil Dekho!

Madhya Pradesh, the state that is often referred as the heart of India, has a lot to offer you. It is not just famous for the dense green forests, natural beauty, and historic architectural structures but also has a variety of arts and crafts. The handicrafts and art pieces made by the talented craftsmen of Madhya Pradesh are famous all over the world. Make sure that you have enough space in your bags when you are visiting Madhya Pradesh because you will not be able to resist shopping. Here is the list of the most famous artwork and craft of Madhya Pradesh that will help you in knowing the state better:-

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Madhya Pradesh on the map

  • Chanderi Sarees

The textile industry of Madhya Pradesh has been in existence for thousands of years in the past. It has been the family business of various families from generations. The beautiful Chanderi sarees are the most popular woven products of Madhya Pradesh. The name has been derived from the town Chanderi which is considered to be the hub of Chanderi weaving. The best of these cotton and silk Chanderi Sarees are available in Chanderi. However, they are also available in the popular markets of Bhopal and Indore.

BananiVista, art and craft

Chanderi Silk

  • Maheshwari

This is believed to have originated in Maheshwar, a town that is approx. 90km from Indore. The fabric is quite similar to Chanderi but the design varies. While Chanderi is normally seen in floral designs, Maheshwari is limited to beautiful patterns made out of geometrical shapes. After the town of origin, Maheshwari is commonly sold and exported from Indore because it has more visitors and better connectivity to other cities.

BananiVista, art and craft

Beautiful Maheshwari saree in making

  • Bagh Printing Art

This form of printing clothes has originated in Bagh village of Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. In this process, teakwood blocks are crafted of various shapes and with the help of castor oil and organic dyes, various prints are made on the cloth. However, the main reason behind the popularity of Bagh prints is that the process is done by men and women and machines are not involved in printing.

BananiVista,, art and craft

Bagh printing in progress

  • Durries

The durries (rugs) of Madhya Pradesh are mainly manufactured in Jabalpur and Shahdol. Thick cotton is used for weaving these rugs. The rugs made are beautiful and of vibrant colors. The designs vary from animal figures, floral patterns and to geometrical patterns. Though you can find these rugs in major cities of the state, you can go for a 6-hour ride from Bhopal to reach Jabalpur and buy the best durries.

BananiVista, Art and craft

Durries in making

  • Zari weaving and embroidery

Zari is the craft form which involves the use of a metallic thread for weaving and embroidery. In the past, gold and silver threads were used in this process but now regular metal threads are used. You can find the widest range of Zari craft in the Chowk market of Bhopal. In Madhya Pradesh, zari is not restricted to sarees, but can also be seen in handbags, purses and even jootis.

BananiVista, Art and craft

Zari and Zardozi

  • Leather

The smallest form of leather work of Madhya Pradesh can be seen in the form of stuffed leather toys. However, the industry is large and important in the state. Gwalior is known for its leather shoes while Indore and Dewas specialize in leather apparels. Most of the products from the latter are mainly exported to Europe and USA.

BananiVista, Art and craft

Leather Toys

The art and craft of Madhya Pradesh are popular throughout the world. When you are visiting the state, do not forget to buy these special products from there. If you want to buy these beautiful sarees online then you can visit Chanderi Sarees and Maheswari Sarees websites. For other crafts, you can visit Madhya Pradesh government emporium Mrignayanee and buy the best handicraft products online. Also, the government of India is focussing on the promotion of craft of India and the official website even covers the craft of Madhya Pradesh for exhibitions held throughout the country.

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