5 Style Hacks: Tips To Look Stylish In Indian Wear

“Always dress well, keep it simple but significant!”

No matter what you wear, looking stylish is the ultimate goal. You may be having the prettiest dress with you but if you do not know how to deck up yourself, you are not doing any justice to the wear. If you think that looking stylish in Indian wear is impossible then you are mistaken. With Indian wear, grace and style can go hand in hand. One should know the style hacks well to feel confident in Indian wear . Here are the best style tips for you to look stylish in Indian wear:-

BananiVista, Tips to look stylish in Indian wear
Stylish Indian dresses
  • Add Kurtas to your collection

Do not buy a kurta just because it looks good on someone. Find out what looks good on you and wear this simple Indian wear in style. If you have a slim figure then you should opt for the ones that fit you well. If you are skinny then go for collared kurtas and avoid deep or boat neck ones. For those who want to hide excess fat, dark coloured cotton kurtas that are slightly lose look perfect.

BananiVista, Look stylish in Indian wear
Pick the right styled Kurta
  • Stylish lowers

The best part about Indian wear is that there are multiple options for you in lowers. If you want to make your legs look thinner then opt for slim fit lowers. They might be the typical churidars or slim fit pants depending on the place you want to wear. For those who are confident with their body type, you can opt for comfortable patialas, palazzos and even leggings. A little attention while shopping can make you look stylish in Indian wear.

BananiVista, look stylish in Indian wear
Stylish lowers
  • Saree, the complete Indian wear

Though saree is not commonly worn by people in daily wear these days, you cannot skip it out. If you want to look stylish in Indian wear, you can pick up saree anytime. If you want to look different in a saree then drape it in a different style and change the style of your hair. However, if you want to hide your fat using a saree then you need to choose saree made of light fabric.

BananiVista, Look stylish in Indian wear
Look stunning in a saree
  • Choosing the right blouse

It is needed for both saree and lehenga. To wear stylish Indian wear, you need to focus on the style of blouse you are wearing. Avoid backless blouse if you are going to a formal meeting in a saree. For those who have heavy arms and bust, three-fourth sleeves blouses with work or embroidery are the best. Those with slimmer arms can go for sleeveless too.

BananiVista, Look stylish in Indian wear
Right style of blouse
  • Magic with colours

To look stylish in Indian wear, you must know how to play with colours well. The basic concept is popular that darker colours make you look thin while light colours make you look chubby. Besides this, if you want to wear funky colours then daytime is the best time to wear them. If you want to wear contrasting jewellery with Indian wear then make sure that your purse, sandals or some accessory should be of the same colour as the jewellery.

BananiVista, look stylish in Indian wear
Right colour for right occasion

It is easier to look stylish in Indian wear with the help of these tips. Try them now and you will start looking gorgeous every time you wear Indian.


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