7 Practical Tips For Exploring A New City


7 Practical Tips For Exploring A New City

“Don’t listen to what they say, Go See!”

If travelling is an essential part of your life then this article is perfect for you! India is a vast country and there is a lot to explore. However, safety remains the primary concern when you are going to a new city. Scroll down to know the safety tips for exploring a new city. Try them and plan your trip well as exploring a new city is scary yet adventurous.

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Explore India now
  • Follow the best travel bloggers

Following Indian travel bloggers on social media is certainly of a great help while exploring a new place/city. Whenever they visit a place, they share their experiences and the things worth doing there. Also, the Dos and Don’ts that they list are realistic. Hence, one can follow the travel bloggers.

BananiVista, Exploring a new city
Through the eyes of a travel blogger
  • Forget luxurious hotels

The hotels that have a good ambience and provide excellent facilities can be good. Look for the hotels/homestays that provide you the essence of the city. Such hotels are less expensive and they show the beauty of a country or that particular place.

BananiVista, exploring a new city
Hotels with local touch
  • Balance your travel guides

Complete reliance on one thing is not a good idea. To be safe in a new city, taking the help of both internet and the local guides should be considered. Google Maps & local tourism websites do help to a certain extent while hiring a local tour guide can help you reach the best places in that city.

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Taking the help of tour guide
  • Learn a few local phrases

Knowing the local language makes your exploration easy. But, if you are completely new to the language then try to learn at least a few basic phrases in the local language. This will be a great help in talking to locals because everybody doesn’t know English.

BananiVista, exploring a new city
Local languages
  • Make your smartphone travel ready

When you are going to explore a new city, make sure that you have these essential things with you. Battery backup (power bank), dual sim with an internet connection and travel guide apps are a must. This will ensure that you do not face technical difficulties while exploring.

BananiVista, exploring a new city
Making smartphone travel ready
  • Local maps of the city

There are some places that Google maps cannot help you find out. Therefore, you must always have a printed coloured map. This gives you the complete view at a glance which is not possible on your screens. Having a local map ensures better planning while exploring a new city.

BananiVista, exploring a new city
Take the help of map
  • Self Defence devices

Self-defence is the best defence in case of emergency. And prevention is always better than cure! If you know martial arts or some self-defence techniques then exploring a new city will not be a challenge for you. If you do not know not to worry, you can always carry handy knives, pepper sprays, chilli sprays etc. in your pockets or handbags.

BananiVista, exploring a new city
Self Defense

Make a note of these tips for exploring trip full of fun. Pack your bags and happy journey!

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