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How To Survive Valentine’s Day If You Are Single?

Ways to celebrate V-Day if you are single


Do you feel this way?

If love is in the air and you haven’t been infected as yet, would you stop breathing?

If you do not gift someone a rose in the week of love, would you be an outcast?

If you are single on V-day, would you repent it?

Well, a few of these questions that might boggle your mind between Feb 7th and 14th every year. Within all the hullabaloo about celebrating love on Valentine’s Day, the week might get a bit difficult for a single person- those who are yet to find love or those who chose not to find love.


NOT getting drenched in the shower of love

If you belong to any of the two categories, and dreading the coming month, just keep calm and get ready to have a blast. As lovebirds get ready to celebrate the season of love, let’s hear a few tips on how you can survive V-day in style.

BananiVista brings you 5 ways to survive V-day if you are single:

Celebrate with your single friends: You are NOT the only one NOT celebrating Valentine’s Day. So, don’t be stressed and find like-minded singles and have a blast. You might end up finding someone special.


Celebrate with Singles

Umang Nemani from Bangalore answers when asked that do you feel that V-Day is ‘much ado about nothing’? – “Well, it is a special occasion for people in love. Still, I believe Valentine’s day cannot take the place of any special date like anniversary, birthdays, first dates, etc. in a couple’s lifetime. It is a day to celebrate, but everything has been so commercialized these days. The good old days where people would give a greeting card and roses have gone. The private space of couples have reduced to a crowd gathering in today’s world.” He is right with his POV!

Indulge in what you love: If you love to eat, order a pizza. If you like chocolates, buy it for yourself. In short, do what you love.


Do what YOU LOVE

Aarohy Kapoor spends this day in a unique way. She says, “For me, Valentine’s Day is all about helping out some of my friends with creative ideas to make their lovers feel special. I also believe that Valentine’s Day is there to confess things that you don’t say regularly, things you feel every day, but might not be able to express. So, it is a day to shed your shyness and show your love.” We cannot agree more!

Pamper Yourself: Time to spend some ‘ME’ time for a single person if not the ‘WE’ time. Love yourself, love your body and pamper yourself like never before.



Find love in other relationships: V-day can be a great time to celebrate with your family, your pet or a friend, who haven’t met in a while. Show love by giving them an unexpected surprise or sending best wishes.


Show LOVE to Others

Khyati Gautam comments on how she feels about V-Day, “Valentine’s Day is not just for the romantic partners. It is a festival of love where affection is celebrated. It holds valid for all our relationships – be it our parents, siblings or friends.” Rightly said!

Stay Calm:  Most importantly, stay calm. Do not fret that you are single or you are not celebrating. There is much love that you can share and bestow on others at different times as well. So, chill and let is pass like any other day.


Single and Proud

Umang doesn’t feel bad not celebrating V-Day as a single. He says, “I am enjoying my own space and my present phase of life. Love is always there in the heart for everyone around. I celebrate every moment, which I believe is supposed to be the way it should be.” Mark his words!

Love is everywhere for everyone and can come in any kind. So, if you don’t believe in the concept of V-day or you still don’t have someone to celebrate with, just celebrate the essence of LOVE. Don’t wait for a reason, be one.

We need love all around, so one day will never be enough. So, chill and make a promise to share and spread love whenever, you can and wherever you can.


LOVE is Everywhere and for Everyone!

And, Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone from US!


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