8 Biggest Decorating Mistakes & Their Solutions

Decorating home is an art that everyone cannot master. People are bound to make interior design mistakes while decorating their homes. Here is a list of the biggest decorating mistakes and their solutions to help you avoid doing these mistakes:-

BananiVista, decorating mistakes
Decorating the room right
  • Over decorating the home

You cannot place everything that you like in the same room. Over accessorizing is one of the most common decorating mistakes. Therefore, it is better to keep the decorative items minimum for a beautiful home.

BananiVista, Decorating mistakes
Over decorated room vs. proper decorated room
  • Disharmony in prints

Make sure that the prints you are choosing in your room are in a harmony with one another. It should not be like your sofa has check; your curtains are floral and your bed sheet has animal prints. Bring some uniformity and avoid doing this interior design mistake.

BananiVista, Decorating mistakes
No harmony in prints vs. harmony in prints
  • Single coloured room

Keeping the room in a single colour is again a common decorating mistake. Do not make your home look like a 1960s movie featuring on a black and white television, with everything monotonous. If you do not like too many colours then go for a two-color combination but never a single colour.

BananiVista, Decorating mistakes
Single coloured boring room vs. Two-coloured bright room
  • Paying no attention to lighting

If you observe carefully, different colours look better in different types of lights. Therefore, it’s important to choose your lights properly, ignoring it pertains to be the biggest decorating mistake. The solution to this is to check the effect of both white and yellow lights in different rooms and choose the perfect one for each room.

BananiVista, Decorating mistakes
Poor lights vs. Good lights
  • Overstuffing the room with furniture

Do not buy every trendy furniture for your home irrespective of your requirements. It will make your room stuffed with the furniture leaving a little space to walk freely. Keep minimum furniture in your room and the extra one can be placed in a different room where there is less furniture.

BananiVista, Decorating mistakes
Too much furniture vs. minimum furniture
  • Ignoring the scary wires and cables

The wires and cables entangled near all your electronic appliances making home clumsy. Rather it is a common decorating mistake we often tend to do which also shows our negligence. Cover these wires with a shockproof box or attach them temporarily to the wall. Besides the look, it will be safer for your kids too.

BananiVista, Decorating mistakes
Unorganized wires vs. Organized wires
  • Cutting the bathroom rugs

Buying big rugs for the bathroom and putting them in the shape of the toilet seat is a stupidity. Instead, go for small square mats that can be placed in the toilet and bathroom without any worries.

BananiVista, Decorating mistakes
Cut rugs vs. Normal rugs
  • Forgetting the entrance hallway

The guests who are coming to your home create the first impression of your home from your hallway. But, one can commit the biggest decorating mistake by keeping the hallway dirty or by not decorating it. Place some stylish mirror, a few indoor plants or some beautiful paintings. This will ensure that your hallway neither looks incomplete nor over stuffed with the decorative items.

BananiVista, Decorating mistakes
Ignored hallway vs. Decorated hallway

The list is endless however, we have tried to bring out the biggest decoration mistakes & solutions just for you. Keep these tips in mind and I’m sure you will never go wrong. As “Decorate your home as it gives the illusion that your life is interesting than it really is”. 

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