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10 signs you might be over decorating

10 signs you might be over decorating

over decorated living room, BananiVista

Stylish and comforting!

Are you always busy in decorating your home? Do you always feel there is something more to decorate in your room? You keep on adding accessories like paintings, lamps etc on regular basis. Think again, these are some signs you might be decorating obsessed. Many times, love of decorating home becomes an obsession and we end up with an over-decorated setup. Home should look welcoming where people can feel comfortable.

Adding decorations to decorations

Over-decoration spoils the beauty

You are finished with decorating and now you have started adding fringe to your lampshades or curtains because you’ve run out of other changes to make. It might be too much and you may end up with an over-decorated living room.

Almost done!

Whenever someone asks you “Have you finished your Home décor”, your answer is always the same “almost done”. People living in the house are happy with the decoration but you want to add something more.

Hear the whispers
Every time your friends come over and they say that you have changed your room again. Behind your back, they whisper how you have nothing better to do. You are never satisfied with the decoration and keep on changing.

Too many photos

over decorated living room, BananiVista

Make your photo gallery

Side tables of living rooms to the walls of dining area or bedrooms, your favourite photos are everywhere. Too many photos are one of the major decorating mistakes to avoid. If you are a photo person and is sentimental about giving up the pictures, make a dedicated Gallery wall.

Full room of trends
From bench chair to lava lamps to beanbag your home is full of everything trendy. Follow the trends but decorate minimal things of your choice, as the trend will change. Your style will outshine the trends.


signs you are decorating obsessed, BananiVista

Home is not a catalogue!

Is your living room looking like a home décor catalog where sofa, curtain, side tables, cushion all are in same colour? Even the photo frame is matching, it means you have over decorated living room. Make your room stylish but it should not look like a showroom you can’t live in.

Too many Knick Knacks
Your home is full of Decorations, knickknacks, and accessories, you don’t let any corner empty. This is a common sign you are a decorating obsessed and it can make the cleanest room messy. Give room to breathe for the guests.

Cushions overload

Over decorated living room, BananiVista

Make some room to sit!

Cushions add a statement to the sofa or bed but remember they are for comfort. If it hinders your guest to sit comfortably and they’re always keeping the cushion aside to sit then it’s obviously too much.

Non-stop Shopping
When you are shopping, your target is always to buy decoration pieces or a painting to add to the room. You don’t really think if you need the change or will it match with the décor?

Keep on changing

Over decorated living room, BananiVista

Choose your style!

In the morning you feel the Vase is looking beautiful on dining table but as the evening progresses you decorate the vase on the side table. Whenever you are in the living room you keep on wondering where it looks better. This is a sign you are decorating obsessed.

Knowing your decorating style is a key and make a time frame for your decorations. Don’t make it an obsession and stop decorating and start living in your beautiful home.


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