Purrfect Home-cooked Pet Food For Your Furry Family

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Pets are great stressbusters

Imagine this- A long and hard day at the office. A boss who can’t see you happy. Colleagues who are just that. A difficult and tiresome drive back home. And the worst part-you stay away from your family. You open the door to your apartment and a furry creature leaps at you, furiously wagging his tail and licks you all over. In a minute, all your stress just melts away. Someone is just so happy to see you. This is what pets do to us. They become a part of the family and more often than not, do a fantastic job at it.

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Pets need a balanced and nutritious meal

If you are a dog or a cat parent, chances are you want the very best for the canine and feline members of the family. But in a country like ours, apart from a few brands dealing with pet food, the options are rather limited. Very often, our furry partners get bored of the same bland food for pets and start refusing it. That is when we start giving them anything and everything, which can prove very detrimental to their health. This is when homemade pet food(both dog food and cat food) can come to your rescue. This homemade pet food home delivery service is a boon to many. And trust me, it is a booming industry.

Why there’s a need for home-cooked healthy pet food?

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Quality can be regulated in home cooked foods

The main driver of this booming food industry is that pet owners want a balanced and nutritious meal for their pets with a variety of options. Most commercially available pet food brands are not customised according to each breed’s nutritional needs. More often than not many artificial additives are found. These natural dog food dabbawallahs customize the foods according to each pet. The meals are delicious and freshly made. And they are delivered to your home.

Who are the customers?

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Some popular pet food brands

The main clientele is the ones who like their canine and feline family to have a healthy meal. Other concerns are that many vegetarian pet-owners are reluctant to cook non-vegetarian food for their pets. Many pet owners are unsure of the correct meal portions for their beloved friends. Pets may require customized meals if they are sick or deficient. Also, as the commercial pet food industry is loosely regulated, the quality can’t be always guaranteed.

Why is human food harmful to pets?

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Many pet owners are turning to the homecooked variety image source: www.pinterest.com

As much as you love your pets, a regular feed of human meals to your furry family can be harmful. They require food that should be made keeping in mind their body type and dietary requirements. Ingredients such as nuts, commonly found in human food, can trigger allergic reactions in animals.

Why doesn’t human logic apply?

We cannot apply the same health principles to our dogs. Say, if we have loose motions, we generally cut down on fiber-rich foods. On the contrary, if your cat or dog has loose stools, it could be parasital.

Where can we get homecooked pet food?

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Jojo Singh of Woof Yums- A homecooked dog food startup. Image courtesy: www.desientrepreneurs.com

With the increasing need for a home-cooked meal for your pets, this industry has become quite demanding. Owners are not averse to spending a little extra. Many startups are making their presence felt in this area. All you need to do is click a button. You can order dog food online. Some of the companies that provide home-cooked pet food tiffin service, especially for dogs are:

www.woofyums.com (Delhi/NCR)




Go on, show your love for the furry members of the family with these great pet food options. Afterall, that’s the least you can do for all the unconditional love and free saliva facials that you get!



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