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BananiVista, Mamallapuram

5 Facts One Should Know About Mamallapuram Dance Festival, Tamil Nadu

Mamallapuram Dance Festival- 5 Facts About This Beautiful Festival of Tamil Nadu

India is a land of diversity. The real beauty of the country lies in its culture and heritage. It is the country where art is appreciated and celebrated. This celebration has not started recently but has been continuing from the ancient times. In India, even dance is worshiped and the Nataraja avatar of Lord Shiva is worshiped for the same purpose. The traditional Indian dances are loved throughout the world and to keep them alive, we need to appreciate their beauty. Mamallapuram Dance Festival is one such beautiful festival that celebrates dance and shows the beauty of Indian dance forms. Here are some facts about this festival:-

BananiVista, Mamallapuram Dance Festival

Nataraja- The Lord of Dance

  • When is it organized?

Mamallapuram Dance Festival is organized every year in winters. December and January are the months reserved for this beautiful festival. It is a four-week long festival with different forms of dance being displayed.

BananiVista, Mamallapuram Dance Festival

Dancers performing

  • Location?

This Dance festival is organized in Mamallapuram. This is a small city in Tamil Nadu which was earlier known as Mahabalipuram. Since this city is of historic importance with many historic sites, you can see tourists driving towards this place throughout the year. However, this Mamallapuram Dance Festival attracts a very large number of the people who love and appreciate dance.

BananiVista, Mamallapuram Dance Festival

Beautiful expressions of a dancer

  • Who Organizes It?

This festival was started by the Government of Tamil Nadu and the government actively arranges it every year to appreciate culture. Since it is one of the major tourist attractions of this season, the Department of Tourism takes care of this festival.

BananiVista, Mamallapuram Dance Festival

Dancers in front of the sculptures

  • What to expect at the Mamallapuram Dance Festival?

The Mamallapuram Dance Festival shows the different cultural and folk dances from all over India. You can see some of the finest dancers performing BharatanatyamKuchipudi, Kathak, Odissi, Mohini Attam and Kathakali. If you think that the beauty of this dance festival ends here then you are wrong. These dances are not performed on any ordinary stage. Rather, they are performed against the magnificent Pallava rock sculptures. It is indeed a treat to the eyes and mind seeing the finest form of art and dance being performed in front of the beautiful sculptures.

BananiVista, Mamallapuram Dance Festival

The beautiful dance forms

  • What more in the city for tourists?

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Also, it is a beach town, there are a lot of beaches and one can enjoy sitting by the side of the ocean. If you are visiting the Mamallapuram Dance Festival then do not forget to visit the beautiful temples there. The temples have their unique beauty and reflect the culture of the country from historic times.

BananiVista, Mamallapuram

Shore Temple

If you love to explore new places and have not visited Mamallapuram yet then this is the best time to visit the city. You will see the best culture blends and will be automatically carried back to historic times. Chennai, the nearest airport is just 58km away (approx.). So, book your tickets now. Get ready to be lost in the cultural beauty of this city and India.

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