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5 Home Decor Ideas You Might Not Have Tried Yet!

Home Decor Ideas You Need To Explore

The New Year means a new beginning – maybe a new life, a new journey, a new endeavor, a new hobby, a new YOU, a new home or a new makeover for your existing ‘home sweet home’. Many of us wait for the New Year to revamp or decorate our homes in a new way. It is a fresh start with new innovative home decor ideas.

Your home personifies you and you know best what to do with it. However, sometimes you keep hunting and browsing for ideas to give your home a different look- maybe a new piece of furniture, some quirky decor, the addition of colours and hues or maybe repositioning of things.

As the New Year is just around the corner, we bring you some unique home decor ideas and suggestions which might give you a clue.

Get Innovative with Bookshelves: If you are a book lover or not, a nice bookshelf will always enhance the beauty of your drawing or bedrooms. Bookshelves are not only for books, but also for showpieces, plant decor, etc. A wall mounted bookshelf or one on the floor will help you stuff in a lot of things here and there. You can get creative with bookshelf ideas. Sharing one example which is a tree bookshelf on two opposite walls.


Tree Bookshelf and Branch Bookshelf on opposite walls

Go for a Themed Wall: If you have a wide wall in your drawing room or a full profile wall in your bedroom, you can think about a themed wall decor. Like you can choose a certain object and use it in various forms to decorate a textured wall, or you can have one object (like a clock) and use it in a magnanimous size. You can have wall plates put up on a wall, or say masks of different types. This gives a wall a complete profile and adds a unique effect to the entire room. Sharing one example where masks have been used, one where a garden look has been created and one with a huge clock.  


Garden themed wall in bedroom


Mask themed wall in drawing room

themedwall+home decor+BananiVista+LivingandExploring

Clock themed wall

Get some Quirky Showpieces: Showpieces, curios etc. can really spice up your home. Choose contemporary, quirky, offbeat showpieces that go with the theme of your room. One can check out websites like Chumbak, Indiacircus, Pepperfry and the likes of these where you will find new and very fresh ideas for home decor items. You can add colours, prints or abstract looking showpieces to get the unique look.


Quirky Showpieces

Get your house a Bar Unit: Like a bookshelf, a bar unit really adds a defining look, an elegance to your drawing room, especially to boring corners. If you are not a drinker, you can also replace this with a nice crockery unit to display some of your best collections. A corner bar unit looks really nice like a half barrel shaped one for example. If you do not have any such space, you can also think about a wall mounted one. Whatever you choose, make sure it is compact and sleek on the outside yet spacious on the inside.


Barrel-shaped Bar Unit


Wall-mounted Bar Unit

Go Bold with Photos: Photos have always been an integral part of home decor. Now, you can use them in a different way. Go for longitudinal pictures or split photos. You can also make a wall of quotes or some Bollywood themed pictures. For your living room, use more of personal photos, but instead of a collage photo frame, use a theme for the entire wall like a tree where you can use a wall decal in the background. Don’t hesitate to use longer frames as they totally stand out giving your room a different look.


Go Bold with Photos

There are a lot of choices and variations that can be made to these ideas.   So, you need to choose, select and decide according to the layout, your preferences and of course the existing decor of the house.

Customized home decor is very popular these days, and you will find a lot of online sites who can create and re-create decor according to your requirements. Online portals have so much variety and collection in home decor nowadays that you will love to pick up a few stuff.


Garden Balcony Decor

If you are already getting ideas, just hold on to your thoughts and start exploring. You never know an interior designer or an artist might be right there inside YOU. So, get creative and get going.

Our Cultural and Lifestyle magazine also has some amazing ideas for balcony decor and other home decor tips as well. Don’t forget to give it a read. Hope the New Year brings more charm, beauty, uniqueness, and prosperity to your home.


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