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Spend quality time with them

Did you know a planned day with toddlers is a blessing for both?

               A planned day with toddlers is a blessing for both


“Unpredictable”, yes we all know that this word describes the toddlers. They are the craziest, messiest, emotionally infuriating, unreasonably frustrating, tiring people you couldn’t imagine your life without. However, contrary to it, toddlers love structured or planned days. By planned days, we really don’t mean a timetable stuck on a wall, but doesn’t sound like a bad idea too. You know toddlers are continuously learning anything and everything they see around. So, keeping a schedule will make them react and respond to a day better, isn’t it? Try it out once, create a plan or a time table and let it go normally for a few days.

Spend quality time with them

Spend quality time with them


Try and miss out an activity from that schedule after a few days, your baby is going to feel some difference. Yes, they comprehend things very quickly without making you feel they have.  I‘ll share an example here, I have developed a habit of giving a fruit atleast once a day at a particular time for my daughter. Once so happened, I did not serve her fruit at that scheduled time. That made her rushed to me and asked for it. This was when I realized that whatever we do it gets registered into her brain. We tend to underestimate toddlers or babies but the truth is they learn and understand every bit of an activity diligently. They never miss any opportunity of getting something into their brains. It is a period when children learn an enormous amount about the everyday world. It is also the time during which young kids acquire lifelong attitude towards themselves, towards others and towards learning.

Set a routine for your baby

Set a routine for your baby


Isn’t it going to be a win – win for both of you if you plan ahead something exciting for your day? There were days when you had to adjust and change as per your child’s needs but that’s a piece of cake for you now, isn’t it? Someone rightly said, “An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.”


Being vocal about the scheduled events occur during the day also helps a mom to handle their toddler in a hassle-free way. As soon as your toddler in on bed with you, let them know it’s story time now. You would see in a few days they are going to ask for a story themselves and trust me, the feeling is amazing! It’s a wonderful feeling when you could see that they understand what you are trying to do.

Toddlers & Babies

Toddlers & Babies


As an example, when your toddler wakes up, wish him/her good morning and speak to them for few minutes. Talk about brushing the teeth, going to the toilet, then having milk etc. And do this repeatedly during the day, it surely helps. This will deliver enormous benefits you’d see in your toddler. The more you talk, the more they communicate with you, so isn’t planning going to be a great thing to do with your little one?

Let’s see how setting a good routine is beneficial for your toddler:

  • It helps them developing good habits like brushing their teeth, taking a bath regularly etc.
  • It nurtures your relationship too with your toddler.
  • It would help them in becoming a little disciplined. (**Though I completely love the mischievous acts these little ones come up with)

Don’t forget to include something interesting every day, an activity or placing the plate with an interesting snack so that they don’t get bored of the routine soon. Be flexible and try out new schedules with them and don’t worry, they adjust better then we adults do.


A note to all the mothers:

“The most important thing, don’t forget that you are doing well, exceptionally well. No mother came with a booklet handy to manage a toddler, we all learn through our experiences. We, as mothers should be open to share our experiences as and when we can, with other mothers.  You never know who is reading it and is able to make her life a little better.”

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