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Launch of Chef Vikas Khanna’s Biography: Burried Seeds

True Story Of an Immigrant


​India’s most celebrated chef, Vikas Khanna has launched his Biography, “Buried Seeds”. Khanna is an award winning Michelin Starred Indian Chef, restaurateur, cook book writer, film maker, humanitarian and judge of Master Chef India.

Vikas Khanna with his mom, Bindu Khanna and prof. Y.G. Tharakan

Vikas Khanna with his mom, Bindu Khanna and prof. Y.G. Tharakan


Buried Seeds is a timeless story of struggle, passion, willpower, failure and rise. It recreates his childhood, finding comfort in his grandmother’s kitchen and follows the journey of an immigrant enduring overwhelming obstacles and pain in achieving his dreams.


The book describes how a young boy in Amritsar learns to cook in his grandmother’s kitchen while doing sewa at the legendary kitchens of the Golden Temple. He works as a delivery boy for his father’s video cassette library, makes blankets, cooks at weddings and opens a catering business in the back of his house at the age of seventeen. The boy, now a young chef, makes a journey of a lifetime to New York, only to face stiffer challenges—that of being homeless and facing discrimination almost every single day.
Buried he may have been, under failure and hopelessness, but nothing could keep him down, for he had the power of passion and perseverance and the strength of skill and self-belief.


Prof. Dr. Y. G. Tharakan, Dean, (Le Cordon Bleu School of Hospitality said, “A recipe has no soul, you must bring soul to the recipe, Chef Vikas Khanna has strived hard to learn this art of giving soul to his recipes.”


“The book is all about my journey from Punjab where I grew up, my years in Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA), Manipal University, where I studied to become a Chef, and thereafter, all ups and downs, I have been through to become what I’m today. My life has been like a seed which had to be buried to grow in to a tree” and so the title of the book.” said Vikas.

Vikas Khanna book launch event

Vikas Khanna book launch event


Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony: In order to commemorate the visit of Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna, Le Cordon Bleu School of Hospitality G D Goenka University has organized a Christmas cake mixing ceremony. An interesting array of fruits, nuts and spices with bottles of Wine, Rum, Whisky and Brandy was arranged in the pattern of the university emblem. The Vice Chancellor, Registrar, and Deans along with Chef Vikas Khanna was initiated the ritualistic process of mixing fruits in festivities style followed world over as an harbinger of good tidings and happiness.

In Goenka Unniversity

In Goenka Unniversity

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