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4 Lesser Known Spices that hail from North East India

India is a garden full of spices and each corner of the garden has few of its own. The food becomes better with the addition of the right kind of spices in it, isn’t it? Our very own, the great North East India has some distinct spices just like some of the distinctive recipes it is flooded with.

Due to the availability of fertile land, the north east part of our country has earned a lot of brownie points in terms of spice production and has a massive potential for organic spice farming too. Though there are a lot of traditional and unique spices available here, we bring to you the ones that are used enormously.


  • Lakadong Turmeric


One of the best turmerics available

One of the best turmerics available


It is one of the finest varieties amongst the turmeric available across the globe. Not only it has anti-inflammatory properties but it adds a beautiful color to the food when added to it. Lakadong is cultivated in Meghalaya. Just a pinch makes the taste and the color of the food superb. Not only this, the aroma of this turmeric is just out of the world. If not visiting North East soon, you can even order it online from the northeaststore.com.


  • Dried Piper Longum 


The pungent pepper of North East

The pungent pepper of North East


It’s the dried long black pepper that is being referred to. The pungent flavor of the pepper is something that all the pepper lovers relish. However, this one has a little sweetness to it and when used as a seasoning or a spice, it adds an incredible savour to the food being served. This variety of pepper is grown and cultivated in Cherrapunji. If you’d like to taste the dried pepper long, it’s available at amazon.com.


  • The Raja Mircha


Hottest of all, the raja mircha

Hottest of all, the raja mircha


It’s the spice that spices up almost every recipe in Nagaland. You will be surprised to know that this pepper is the hottest spice in the world and has even been recognized in the Guinness Book of World records. The exotic chili gives a wow flavor and color together to the dish, it becomes a part of. Want to explore the heat and flavor stored in it, pick it up online from greencover.com.


  • Maroi Nakupi


The medicinal herb

The medicinal herb


The uniqueness of Manipur doesn’t ever come to an end. This fantastic herb or spice is found in the state of Manipur and is just unusual. Furthermore,it adds a very different yet a great flavor to the dish whenever added. People with hair fall problems can get benefited immensely if they regularly apply crushed leaves of Maroi Nakupi, also termed as Allium Tuberosum.


Hence, time to spice up your life!!


As Daniel Gilbert says-“The secret of happiness is variety, but the secret of variety, like the secret of all spices, is knowing when to use it.”

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