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TOTS AND MOMS Baby Food- A meal full of taste and nutrition

 Best is what you look for a baby especially when it comes to their food, isn’t it?  TOTS AND MOMS is dedicated in helping you with this. From recipes for your baby or toddler to some healthy food items like instant food, cereals etc., they have come a long way. A huge variety of health mixes for weight gain in your baby to tasty instant food, TOTS AND MOMS has kept in mind what matters for the baby’s growth and development. Buy Homemade Organic Baby Foods Online at: http://shop.totsandmoms.com


After hearing a lot , all good though, we decided to order the TOTS AND MOMS Banana Oats Cereal for our nephew and we weren’t dissapointed at all . It’s made out of the following:


  • Raw Kerala Banana
  • Oats
  • Cardomom/Elaichi
    The nutritious cereal for your little one

    The nutritious cereal for your little one


He just loved it so much that he finished the entire thing we put in the bowl. There have been times he’s been fussy with other ready to make cereals but this one was a surprise for all of us. You can either mix it with water or milk depending on how your little one would enjoy it.


In fact, the best thing is the kind of nutrition it provides in terms of fibre, potassium, carbohydrates etc. which are essential for a baby’s development at all times. I forgot to mention the most important part i.e digestion. The TOTS AND MOMS Banana Oats Cereal is extremely easy to digest for the little tummy and in fact the fibre stored in it facilitates the overall digestion process too.


Later, we decided to order few more things.  So we ordered a variety of the following health mixes, instant food, drink mixes:


Raw Kerala Banana Almond Drink (1Y+) So, we tried this one for a friend’s daughter who is highly underweight. Not only she loved the taste of the drink but also has experienced some weight gain too. Unlike the ones which taste disgusting, this drink mixture was

utterly delicious.

Banani Vista FoodSprouted Health Mix Sathu Maavu (6M+)You would be surprised to see the health infused in this mix. Its a mixture of Rice, Wheat, Black Gram, Corn, Groundnut, Sago,Chickpeas, Horse Gram, Cow Peas, Ajwain ,Dry Ginger, Elaichi,Cashew,Pista and Badam.


Buy Homemade Organic Baby Foods Online at: http://shop.totsandmoms.com


The protein kick

The protein kick


Soya Rice Powder (6M+) The worry of lack of protein intake in your little one’s diet can be fixed with this healthy food. Was life ever so easy when it came to your baby’s nutrition? A blend of Soyabean and rice, it takes care of the required fat,protein, carbohydrates and necessary fibre.


The Protein kick

The Protein kick


Dry Fruits Powder (8M+) With the presence of Turmeric, nutmeg and saffron strands along with Badam , Pista and Cashews this dry fruits powder is perfect nutrition to be added in the drinks of your little one. If not to anything else, you can just add it to their milk too to make the milk a little more healthier hand tastier.


The power packed powder

The power packed powder


Almonds and Dates Health Drink Mix (1Y+) This immunity booster has quality sun dried dates and a little suplhurless sugar along with almonds.Children often avoid taking dry fruits in general despite you running behind them. But thanks to TOTS AND MOMS for this health drink mix that you get the goodness of dates and almond along with an increased immunity.


The immunity booster

The immunity booster


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