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Best food in Varanasi, Bananivista

7 Street Food Joints in Varanasi Every Traveler Should Visit!

7 must visit places for street food in Varanasi


   “People who love to eat are always the best people”- Julia Child





Want to have a finger licking experience in Varanasi? Explore the lanes of the city and try out the street food in Varanasi. Tamatar chaat to Kachori, Samosa to Tikki or malaidar lassi this place is a foodie’s paradise. Every narrow lane has some special food to offer. Check out these 7 street food places in Varanasi.


  • Deena Chaat Bhandar


Tamater ki chaat

Tamater ki chaat


Don’t miss this place if you are a chaat lover. Deena Chaat Bandar near the Dasashwamedha ghat is especially famous for its tamatar chaat and paalak chaat. In tamatar chaat tomatoes are finely chopped, mashed and mixed with chickpeas and spices. The palak chaat had crispy fried Palak leaves served with different chutney and curd.


  • Kachori Lane


U cannot have just one

U cannot have just one


Just near the famous Vishwanath Temple there is a lane named Kachori Gali. No one can miss this place as it serves yummiest Kachories. As you walk into the lane you can smell the freshly fried dal and peas Kachories which are served with chutney. This is the place where you can have breakfast after a dip in holy Ganga.


  • Kashi Chaat Bhandar





Kaashi Chaat Bhandar at Godowlia Chowk is local’s favourite street food place in Varanasi. Here tamatar chaat, aalo tikkis, golgapa are a must try. Everything is finger licking good and it is always crowded. So if you are coming here in evening be prepared to wait.


  • Baati Chokha


Don't miss out the authentic flavours

Don’t miss out the authentic flavours


Baati Chokha is located at Puran Das road and is the best place to enjoy meal in a traditional setting. The food is served here in huge brass plates and katories. This is one of the finest places to taste street food in Varanasi. Litti Chokha and Sattu Paratha are a hit here. You can taste the mouthwatering Litties with mashed smoky eggplant (baigan bharta) with varieties of pickles.


  • Blue Lassi Shop


Gulp the cool lassi

Gulp the cool lassi


The list of street food in Varanasi is incomplete without Lassi. To beat the heat of Varanasi nothing is better than a creamy glass of chilled lassi. In the kachori lane the Blue Lassi Shop is the best place to try out the different varieties of Lassi of Varanasi. Over three generations they are serving these lassi in matkas (earthen pots). From Blueberry coconut to Kesar Badam to malai or aam, there are a long list of variety of lassi to choose.


  • Raam Bhandar


Garma garam jalebis

Garma garam jalebis


The Raam Bhandar at Thatheri Bazaar is famous for its Kachori and allo chole sabzi. You can come here for breakfast. Don’t miss out their awesome jalebies. Nearby is Rajaram Lassi whose creamy lassi is quite famous.


  • Baba Thandai


Banarasi thandai

Banarasi thandai


If you are done with enough chaat and kachoris come to Baba Thandai near Godowlia chowk for famous Varanasi thandai. This place is best to gulp some yummy thandai and cool down your tummy.



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