Why Bengalis Do Kali Puja During Diwali: Explore Some Shocking Secrets!

Kali Puja is a ceremonial worship of Goddess Durga’s foremost avatar, Goddess Kali. As indicated by the Bengali calendar, it is performed on the night of Kartik Amavasya in the Hindu month of Ashwin.

Kali Puja BananiVists
Kali Puja n Diwali

But somehow, Kali Puja coincides with another well-known Hindu festival called Deepawali in the month of October right a couple of days after the Durga Puja festivities.

On arrival of Diwali, when rest of the country will be seen caught-up with celebrating Diwali, Bengal alongside a few parts of Assam and Orissa will be seen to celebrate Kali Puja. This polarity or diversion in Indian culture is perfectly mind-boggling. On one side we have the celebration of lights, Diwali. At the same time, individuals worship the Dark Mother, Kali.

Kali Puja BananiVists
kali puja in bengal

Let us delve deeper into it to know why it is so-

  • The fundamental distinction is that of the deity or divinity. The rest of India does Ganesha and Lakshmi puja upon the arrival of Diwali. Be that as it may, however in the Eastern parts of the nation, Goddess Kali is worshipped with awesome pageantry and splendours.

  • Most of the pujas in Hinduism are not founded on the Vedas. So as the legend goes, Raja Krishna Chandra who was the king of Navadipa, began this Bengali puja of Mahakali in the eighteenth century. Thus, since then, the tradition was conveyed forward by his descendants and by the rich zamindar families in Bengal under their patronage. Hence, it survived on a stupendous scale, compared to Diwali. Subsequently, it is celebrated during the same time.

Kali Puja BananiVists
Kali puja by zamindars
  • Upon the arrival of Diwali, Goddess Kali is venerated for blessings for a good life, success and prosperity. Kali is believed to annihilate all evils by her followers. For this reason, on Diwali, goddess Kali is worshipped and ‘Diyas’ are lit in her respect with a promise for doing great deeds.

  • In West Bengal, goddess Kali is feared more, rather than worshipped, since one would have to undergo and face her wrath for doing fouled up things. Henceforth, they believe to perform Kali puja first, keeping in mind the end goal to escape from her rage.

Famous Kali Mandir        

  • Dakshineswar Temple built by Rani Rasmoni on the banks of Ganga River in Kolkata.
Kali Puja BananiVists
  • The Kalighat temple was constructed on the site of an antiquated temple in Kolkata in West Bengal.
Kali Puja BananiVists
  • The Kamakhya temple in Assam is one of the Shakti Peethams related with Shiva and Daksha Yagna. It is situated in Guwahati, on Neelachala Parvat.
Kali Puja BananiVists
  • Tarapith is found 300 miles away from Calcutta on the banks of the Dwarka River in Birbhum in West Bengal.
Kali Puja BananiVists

For Bengalis, Kali stands for the reestablishment of life and justice on earth with a message for individuals to be virtuous and live with peace and congruity. That is the reason they give more significance to KALI PUJA amid Diwali.

“Have a prosperous Kali Puja and a safe Diwali!”


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