Rohit Chaudhary: Singer and Musician

Who doesn’t like to listen to music? Ever wondered what it takes to become a musician or what musicians feel while composing beautiful songs for us. 23-year old singer, composer and a songwriter, Rohit was born and brought up in Delhi but currently, he is living in Mumbai fulfilling his dreams. We had a conversation with him and he described his life, his journey, and his passion towards music. He was always sure what he wanted to become, a musician.


Excerpts from the interview:

Rohit chaudhary, banani vista
Rohit Chaudhary

BV: If you could meet any musician, alive or dead, who would it be?
Rohit:  No doubt, it would be A. R. Rehman and Bruno Mars.

BV: Which music do you love to play most? How would you describe your music style?
Rohit: I love to play jazz, blues, & my music style is completely Desi “Sufi”.

banani vista

BV: What have musicians influenced your music or your dream?
Rohit: I have been greatly influenced by the work and music style of one of the most talented artists Mr. Amit Trivedi.

Performing in a concert, banani vista
Performing in a concert

BV: What was the reason you chose music as your career?
Rohit: The feeling that I get from music is what that has driven me.

BV: Who is your inspiration?
Rohit: My Daddy, he’s also a musician and my guru.

BV: What projects have you been working on lately?
Rohit: Upcoming projects include programming and music for Golmaal 4 and much more.

BV: Which is the favorite composition till date?
Rohit: Difficult question. But still one of my favorites “Sanu Ik Pal Chain Na Aave Sajna Tere Bina.”

singing his favorite song, banani vista
sanu ek pal chain na aawe

BV: What are your other hobbies?
Rohit: Dance & Acting.

BV: What is most challenging about what you do and what are the challenges you have to face while pursuing your dream?
Rohit: Music is what I am living. And what I am purely living and enjoying cannot be any challenge that I have to face.


BV: What is most rewarding? Payment or satisfaction?
Rohit: Both are equally important. But when it comes to the most rewarding than for me it’s satisfaction.

playing guitar, banani vista
That satisfaction which music gives

BV: Tell us about your achievements throughout your musical journey.
Rohit: This interview is also an achievement. I’m extremely happy with the love I have received and wish to receive a lot more in future.

Performing in a show, Musician, banani vista
Performing in a show

BV: Who supported you most in this journey? Who are in your group?
Rohit: My group includes everyone who has supported me since this journey has begun. My family, friends, all the well-wishers. I just want to thank everyone for their selfless support.


His childhood, Musician, banani vista
playing since childhood

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