How to decorate home with the waste material?


You don’t need to be very creative to make these easy DIY home decor. We are coming up with some very easy home décor ideas with the use of waste materials so that you can decorate your sweet home without spending much on costly items available in the market.


Old T-shirts rugs

If you haven’t gotten rid of your old t-shirts because they are too pretty to be thrown then it is good for you. You can make a colorful rug out of them just by cutting thin straps and braiding them together. You can choose shape according to your choice. Your friends will definitely ask about your pretty rug whenever they visit your house.

Banani Vista, DIY
Handmade Rugs

Denim napkins

Want some unique decoration for your dining table? Then grab a pair of scissors and some old jeans. You only need to cut different sized pieces of denim and then decorate them on your table. This will be a good change from those plain regular napkins you were using.

Banani Vista, DIY
Denim Napkins


Bottle cap candles

Do you have many unused crayons which you are planning to throw away? Then don’t do it. You can use them to make pretty colorful candles. Just melt them and pour it in empty bottle caps. They look so cute that you will hesitate from using them.

candles, BananiVista
Tea lights

Suspended bedside table

Getting irritated from that old cardboard piece which is of no use to you. With this simple DIY, you can make it an attractive decorative and useful item. Paint that board as you wish or colors that match your room’s color and then hang it with the help of a rope on the side of your bed. TaDa! Your cute hanging bedside table is ready.

bedside table, BananiVista
suspended table


If you use any of these methods to decorate your home then don’t forget to tell us.


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