Top Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Diwali: Must Give A Shot!

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The Festival of Lights, “Diwali” has many intriguing facts which are worth knowing. Here are some fascinating facts about this brightest celebration:

A Divine Connection

It would be amazement for a large portion of people that it was the day of Diwali when the establishment stone of the Golden Temple was laid and Diwali is hugely celebrated by the Sikhs in the Golden Temple since the year 1577.

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divine connection

The Beginning

Diwali implies diverse thing to various individuals and there are different stories appended with the festival. Its root can be followed back to the Ancient India, amid which it was an essential harvest celebration; nonetheless, the most prominent story is that of Lord Rama.

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Beginning of diwali

It is believed that Diwali festivity was first begun upon the arrival of Lord Rama alongside with his wife, Sita and his brother Lakshmana to Ayodhya after accomplishing 14 years in a state of exile.

Diwali is not a National Celebration

You would be amazed to know that the celebration of Diwali is not restricted to only India but also celebrated in Mauritius, Nepal, Guyana, Trinidad, Fiji, Singapore, Malaysia, Suriname, Tobago and Myanmar and even in Pakistan where the nation observed Diwali as an official holiday.

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Diwali in Leicester

The greatest Diwali festivity which is celebrated outside India is facilitated by the English city of Leicester.

Lights and Fireworks

The most exceptional element of Diwali festivity is its lights and firecrackers. Upon the arrival of Diwali, the entire nation dives into the dazzling lights and the boisterous sounds of the fireworks.

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lights and fireworks

As indicated by some, it’s the best approach to demonstrate the glorious bodies that we are in happiness and prosperity.

Celebration of four days

Diwali is a 4-day festivity and every day has its own importance.

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4 day diwali

Day 1-Naraka Chaturdasi

Day 2-Amavasya

Day 3-Kartika Shudda Padyami

Day 4-Bhai Dooj

Diwali And Gambling- A Legendary Story

Once Lord Shiva was playing dice with Goddess Parvati and when she won, she declared that whosoever would play gambling during the Diwali days would mint riches as well as wealth consistently throughout the year. Interesting, isn’t it?

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Gambling in Diwali

Rangolis To Welcome Goddess Lakshmi

Being Diwali a celebration of lights, colours likewise play a noteworthy part on this day. Making Rangolis is additionally an essential piece of Diwali festivity.

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Rangoli making is an immortal tradition in India and people implied that making bright Rangolis at the entrance of their houses can pull in the goddess of wealth- Lakshmi.

Diwali BananiVista

~Fill your life with the glow of happiness and the sparkle of joy this Diwali~


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