Reasons Why You Should Say “No Way” To Firecrackers: This Diwali Save Your Mother Earth!

Diwali is greatly known as the “Celebration of Lights” in India. Apart from getting sweets and gifts, what an Indian teenager anticipates the most is bursting the firecrackers during Diwali.

Firecrackers bananivista
Say no to fireworks

Thus, the time has come to do something else and abstain from blasting crackers this Diwali. Check this out to know more-

  • Going for bursting crackers is a total misuse of cash

If you see positively and observe well regarding this issue, then you would find that blasting cracker is inefficient, wasteful, pointless and as well as can be harmful to anybody. Subsequently, it would be smarter for you to not burn cash on those crackers. Won’t you like to do?

Firecrackers bananivista
Don’t misuse cash
  • Burst sense of self, not firecrackers

It would be better for you to blast your sense of self or ego than bursting firecrackers this Diwali. Burn out all sorts of negative feelings and see whether you can enjoy or not!

Firecrackers bananivista
Burst your ego
  • Our Mother Earth has got enough issues as of now-

Nowadays, we have seen that our Earth is almost confronting a considerable measure of issues like Global Warming to a large extent, Air Pollution and so on. Consequently, all parents are ought to unequivocally encourage their kids to abstain themselves from blasting crackers this Diwali. Want to save your mother earth, isn’t it?

Firecrackers bananivista
Earth has got lot of problems
  • Remaining happy without bursting crackers

You should step up and take the initiative to tell your folks that you can be cheerful without going for bursting firecrackers this Diwali. Yes, you can be, once you try, you can see the difference!

Firecrackers bananivista
Be happy without fireworks
  • Blasting firecrackers is barbarous on animals out there

In Diwali, when you try to take a plunge at bursting firecrackers, you do not realize that this is a torment for animals and creatures particularly stray dogs and cats, which are in coordinate risk of getting hurt by the crackers and also by their uproarious noise.

Firecrackers bananivista
Torture for animals
  • Try to change your own self than to enable the atmosphere to be changed

You see, the Diwali time is the ideal opportunity for you to bring in the changes and for this Firstly, you need to stop blasting crackers to spare our atmosphere.

Firecrackers bananivista
dont change the atmosphere
  • Reuse, Decrease and Recycle: The ultimate route forward

Nowadays, the teenagers are ought to be educated the significance of decreasing, reusing and recycling any product, in order to make them quit bursting crackers and ratify approaches to make our planet somewhat pollution free.

Firecrackers bananivista
Only diyas
  • Blasting firecracker produces a ton of waste

Since you know, when you burst crackers, it produces a lot of waste, so it is smarter to abstain yourself from blasting such firecrackers this Diwali. It is because in light of the fact that burning different kinds of crackers generates a different ton of wastes during Diwali.

Firecrackers bananivista
lot of wastes
  • Blasting crackers is totally harmful to asthma patients

The firecrackers make plenty of issues for asthma patients, who encounter troubles in breathing and relaxing.

Firecrackers bananivista
Bad for asthma patients

firecrackers bananivista


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