Weird things girls do while having periods
Do you have a period store? Everything chocolate, soft fluffy things, sweat pants, heating pads, cramp medicine and more? There are many things which we girls do during our periods but will never admit and I am one of those girls. These things we do not do willingly but we still do because we think that they will ease our pain like rolling on bed whole day!
Now let’s read this article and check which of these points are true.
  • Either they will start eating like a pig or have no food at all. Girls are known for being choosy about food but they become far worse during their periods. Beware!!
Eating habits during periods, BananiVista
Weird eating habits during periods
  • They start to rub their stomach for like thousand times a day as if it will decrease the pain. Pinching and holding the stomach tightly while sleeping is the whole other thing.
Rub your stomach to ease the pain.
  • Now, who said that rubbing your thighs with each other or with your hands will decrease the pain. But what can we say about girls? They always do weird kind of things.
Does rubbing thighs really reduce period pain?
  • Imagine that you are comfortably sleeping and you hear someone is trying to break your door and when you open it you see your friend standing outside and saying – Mujhe Kuch achcha khaana h, Kuch laakar do Mujhe (I want to eat something delicious, bring it for me). Trust me this happened with me and when I said I have nothing she started crying.
This was what happened with me :/
  • Sometimes they scream their heart out because they think that screaming and crying loudly gives them relief. So next time when you have your periods try this weird trick. Maybe it will help you too :p
Who doesn’t cry during periods?
Lying on your back with a bottle under your waist, eating lots of ice creams, lying on your front with your legs under your stomach, throwing stupid tantrums, constantly checking if your new pant is still clean, bitching about everyone for every single mistake, shamelessly asking your friend to walk behind you as your guard, etc are few of those things which every girl do during her periods.
All of these points are written after having a long chat with my girlfriends so yes they are true ūüėČ and maybe some of them are my own personal experiences.


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