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Meditation Sets You Free

Meditation Sets You Free


Meditation is the key to a stress-free mind. It takes care of the clutter and mesh of thoughts to gift a mind that is fresh and free. It is no doubt hard to believe that watching one’s thoughts can set us free. Let’s do it to believe it and make it a part and parcel of our life.


  • Meditation For Beginners: Just close your eyes and sit comfortably. Shift your attention to the rhythm of your breath. With every inhalation and exhalation, you rest in your personal zone but then thoughts will come and disarm your peace and breath. Take it easy, let them come and don’t shoo them away. Make a small attempt to watch your breath yet again to realise the deepest rest.


Watch Your Breath

Watch Your Breath


  • Sit Longer With Yourself: Meditation is just being with yourself. It is challenging for beginners but some meditation music can make it so easy. A soft chant or instrumental music helps you to practice for 15 to 20 minutes. Being with the self helps one to dive deep within and cleanse the mind and body to vibe well.


  • Being Regular With Meditation Practice: Now that you are comfortable just coax yourself to practice being with yourself daily. 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes by evening and your mind gives cool vibes and forgets to meddle with messy business. A meditating mind is still, calm and rooted in wisdom.
Be The Enlightened One

Be The Enlightened One


  • Treat Thoughts Like Uninvited Guests: Now that you are regular with meditation you desire exquisite experiences with every passing day. Then one day your mind sends a tsunami wave of thoughts and peace runs miles away. Don’t worry. Sit still for some more time. Let your thoughts be your distant relatives. Don’t resist them for they will persist. Let them be. Think of them as your uninvited guests. Just the way you offer them some tea and smilingly watch them, watch your thoughts and let them be for they have come to go away.


Man Is What He Thinks All Day

Man Is What He Thinks All Day


  • Create A Meditating Group: Now that you have found peace share it with friends. Meditate together and share experiences and improvements in self for you will find that meditation is the key to all that which gives stress and strain.


Empowering Friends With Peace

Empowering Friends With Peace



  • Peaceful and friendly mind: Our mind cooperates to keep new year resolutions and accept challenges.
  • Experience deep sleep and rest: Worrisome thoughts are defeated to give rest in sleep.
  • Creates Time: Focus and tasks are accomplished faster leaving some time to spare.
  • Enhances Intuitiveness: A clear mind results in enhanced intuitiveness.
  • Guides To Live in the Present: Meditation removes the clutter of the past and insecurities about the future and guides the mind to be in the present moment.


‘Meditation is a simple process

Of watching your own mind.

Not fighting with the mind

Not trying to control it either

Just remaining there, a choiceless witness.’ Osho


  • swikriti
    September 12, 2017

    loved this meditation theory.Keep Writing.

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