Some medicines on which we should not totally rely upon

Medicines are usually taken to cure something, to make a positive difference in our body. But each drug carries its negative qualities with it and the side effects of such medicines can cause harm to our health. Some common problems we might face are vision changes, damage to the inner ear, dizziness or lightheadedness, drowsiness, and headache and to cure these problems we take more pills. But not all drugs are totally good for your health. Side effects of some drugs can be very harmful.

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Drug addiction is not good for health

Sometimes not only one medication is responsible for these problems but the wrong combination of drugs. If we are taking multi- drugs then we must know what are the side effects of their combination can do to our body. Some drugs don’t go well with each other.

Say no to medicines

Some medicines which are likely to cause problems are –

  • Sleeping pills
  • Pain killers
  • Anti – depressants
  • Anti – anxiety drugs
  • Medicines related to heart problems

Sleeping pills, pain killers, anti – depressants, anti – anxiety drugs give us relief but after some time we become addicted to those medicines and that’s when problems arise and side effects of these drugs starts causing more diseases. We feel uneasy if we don’t take them and they become our addiction more than the prescribed drugs.

For example, A girl takes pain killers whenever she had her periods to ease the pain. After few months even if she wants to tolerate that pain she won’t be able to do that because it will become impossible for her to survive without those pills.

menstruation pills are always not helpful

Doctors also advise us to not become habituated of such drugs because after some time even if we want to survive without them we won’t be able to do so. So before taking any medicine and before stop taking it always consult a doctor.


Doctor’s advice is always valuable

I hope you are not the addicted person I’m talking about. You are not, right? Or you are also facing side effects of such medicines!


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