10 Coffee Drinks to Sample Before You Die!


10 Coffee Drinks to Sample Before You Die!

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For many of us, mornings do not begin without our daily cuppa. In a country of tea-lovers, different types of coffee in equally vibrant and awesome cafes are making their presence felt.

Here are some amazing concoctions that’ll make you think beyond the regular Cappuccino.

  • Macchiato: For Espresso lovers, the Macchiato is Espresso made with frothy steaming hot milk. A Short Macchiato would have a single shot of Espresso and a Long Macchiato would have double shots of Espresso. The most distinctive feature is the three different colored layers.

    Macchiatos are all the rage now, BananiVista
    A Macchiato is characterized by distinct layers.
  • Ristretto: It is a variation of Espresso that is extracted with half the amount of water. Thus, it is more concentrated and can prove to be a little bitter for the Indian palate.

    Espresso lovers will love it, BananiVista
    Ristretto is a single shot of Espresso with little water
  • Turkish Coffee: This is rather simple to make. All you need is full-bodied ground Turkish beans, Filtered Water, Sugar and a wide bottomed pot to make the brew.

    different types, BananiVista
    The wide bottomed pot is vital to the preparation
  • Irish Coffee: The Irish love their beers and whiskey. This cocktail is made with Irish Whiskey, Raw Cane Sugar, Double shots of Espresso and a dollop of whipped cream. Hic Hic Hurray.

    different flavours, BananiVista
    Whiskey adds a different dimension to the Irish Coffee
  • Affogato: A classic fire and ice combination. It has Espresso and Gelato, which is an Italian ice cream.

    different Varieties, BananiVista
    Fire and Ice combo-Just Perfect
  • Café Au Lait: Trust the French to romanticize coffee. Literally meaning ‘coffee with milk’. It uses hot milk to dilute the strength of brewed French coffee beans.

    French, BananiVista
    Cafe Au Lait-Coffee with milk
  • Frappuccino: It is cappuccino made frappe style, served with a thick layer of froth on top.

    Frappuccino takes frappe to a whole new level
  • Luwak Coffee: Bali is really famous for this. The beans are fed to an animal called Civet. It is then extracted from the Civet’s feces. It has a unique body and flavor.

    Luwak Coffee, BananiVista
    The Asian Civet
  • South Indian Filter Coffee: If you are yet to try South Indian Filter Kapi, you are definitely missing something. The hills of Southern India are home to many coffee estates that produce some of the finest blends in India. The filter is the most important equipment in the process where milk and the finely ground beans are brewed.

    Filter Coffee, BananiVista
    South Filter Coffee is known for its uniqueness
  • Café Latte: It is one of the most popular coffees around the world. It is made with Espresso with non-fat milk and garnished with a dash of Cocoa Powder.

    coffee cocktails
    It is one of the more popular concoctions

Coffee has a cult following the world over. Each coffee producing region lends its distinct flavor, aroma, and body to the beans. Over the ages, these concoctions have seen a lot of experimentation and influence. So the next time you want to have a cuppa, explore the variety out there. Make an effort to find the story behind it, for each cup of coffee has a story to tell.


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