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4 Best Budget Places to Stay in Kolkata this Season!

The colonial charm of Kolkata is reflected in every aspect of life in this majestic city. Visitors to the city can expect to relive this royal charm during their visit and whichever place they choose for staying, the reflection of the city is evident. Below are listed the best budget hotel to stay in Kolkata. Take your pick from those listed below.


  • Sunflower Guesthouse


Sunflower Guesthouse

Sunflower Guesthouse


Sunflower guesthouse is considered to be the best budget hotel to stay in Kolkata. This guesthouse is situated adjacent to Park Street and consists of 30 rooms of different sizes. It is luxurious in design and is very popular among backpackers.  The roof of this guesthouse perhaps provides the best sunset view in Kolkata. A non-air-conditioned room in sunflower guesthouse will cost Rs 1500 or $22.


  • The Bodhi Tree


The Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi Tree


This is another budget hotel in Kolkata. Art lovers, in particular, will enjoy their stay on this property as the owner of Bodhi Tree has created an art gallery at the premises which has a rich collection of Bengali art. The Bodhi Tree is an elegant mix of boutique hotel and a homestay and is the best budget hotel to stay in Kolkata.


If you wish to enjoy your stay in Kolkata away from the bustle of the crowd, the Bodhi Tree will be a great choice since it is located in South Kolkata. You will have to pay Rs 2900/- per night for a comfortable stay in The Bodhi Tree. However, the quality of service is very good and you will not regret paying up this amount.


  • Central Bed and Breakfast


Central Bed and Breakfast

Central Bed and Breakfast


Visitors looking for a comfortable and elegant budget stay in Kolkata can opt for Central Bed and Breakfast. This is one of the recommended best-budgeted places to stay in Kolkata and is located less than 10 minutes away from Park Street. You can not only have some great views of the city from Central Bed and Breakfast but the hotel also has a living room and a fully equipped kitchen which guests can use. A treadmill for health savvy guests is also available for the guests.

A great value for money, Central Bed and Breakfast is available for a cost of Rs 3,000 per night or $45.


  • Fairlawn Hotel


Fairlawn Hotel

Fairlawn Hotel


The family-owned Fairlawn hotel is 215 years old and offers a glimpse into the exquisite architectural beauty of old-time Calcutta. Its colonial charm and rich history are worth exploring. The hotel is situated in a central location in Sudder Street. The garden bar is the best place of Fairlawn hotel for its guests for a complimentary drink.


All this comes for Rs 4,000 rupees or $60 and the cost includes breakfast and taxes.


Enjoy your stay in Kolkata in any of these hotels and explore the cultural richness of the city. The hotel staff can arrange for all the sightseeing across the city. However, reservations need to be confirmed in advance as these hotels remain booked most of the time.


Explore the city and stay in comfort on a budget. Happy Travelling!



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