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Break Stereotypes- 7 Stereotypes about U.P. people that need to be broken

Stereotyping is something that people generally do knowingly or unknowingly. But they are agitated at once when they are being stereotyped and assumed. It is the time to break stereotypes and think ahead. Here is a list of some of the stereotypes that everyone from UP wants to be broken:-


  • We speak Bhojpuri every time-

No, we don’t. Most of us don’t even know the correct accent and words of Bhojpuri. People speak Bhojpuri in a specific part of the state. It is incorrect to assume that every person from UP knows the language perfectly. We speak Hindi and Urdu far more than Bhojpuri.

Actual Bhojpuri Speaking region

Actual Bhojpuri Speaking region


  • We do not speak English-

If you think so then you are definitely living a few decades back in time. Come into the present time because it is time to break stereotypes. English is popularly spoken and understood by most of the people, especially youth. Thanks to mobile phones, a smart phone in every hand means people know at least the basic words of English.

We can speak English

We can speak English


  • We love dancing only to the tunes of Bhojpuri songs-

Yes Bhojpuri songs have catchy beats that do not let you sit silently at your place for a long time. The interiors have their local rich folk music and tunes. The ones in the city are crazy Bollywood and even Hollywood fans. Check the collections of Bollywood films and break this stereotype. It is far above Bhojpuri films in UP.

Dancing on Bollywood Tunes

Dancing on Bollywood Tunes


  • Paan and Paan Masala-

Don movie made “Banaras (Varanasi) wala Paan” more famous. Kanpur is one of the biggest hubs of Paan Masala manufacturers. Just like a sweets seller doesn’t eat all the sweets by himself, every UPite doesn’t keep chewing paan for the entire day. Yes the consumption is large here but not as large as you assume.

Eating Paan

Eating Paan


  • Abuses-

This happens in every state and is not peculiar to only UP. The language may differ but people loose cool in every state and utter words that they are not supposed to. Break this stereotype as people of the most ‘Tameez’ and ‘Tehzeeb’ also live in the same state here. Once you hear them, you might start feeling your language isn’t polished enough.

Not Everybody Abuses

Not Everybody Abuses


  • We are rude-

Visit the places and experience the hospitality. You can ask for help from any shopkeeper while finding a way (works better than Google Maps at times). We are one of the friendliest cricket-watching and Bollywood shooting friendly audiences. Directors and actors enjoy shooting here. If there is a fight or accident on road, at least 20 people will stop by to help.

We are friendly people

We are friendly people


  • We call every vendor, stranger or public transport driver as ‘Bhaiya’ or ‘Bhai’

Since we speak Hindi and Urdu, please suggest some word with which we can address someone between 25-40 years of age. We can’t call them as an uncle. We cannot call a young vegetable seller as ‘Dude/Bro! Ek Kilo Aaloo Dena’ (Dude/ Bro! Give 1 kg potato).

Our style of saying "What's up bro?"

Our style of saying “What’s up bro?”


Visit the state and experience yourself because it is high time to break stereotypes.

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  • Ankita Datta
    October 1, 2017

    nicely told!

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