Antiques for Home Decoration- 8 Trending Antique Home Decoration Ideas


Antiques for Home Decoration- 8 Trending Antique Home Decoration Ideas

“Collect things that you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.”

Decorating home is something that everyone loves. Besides being the place you love, the way you decorate your home expresses a lot about your personality. Antiques for Home decoration can never go out of trend. These are the things that catch the attention of guests instantly and the owner of the house is considered to be having a refined taste. It looks simple but becomes the most complicated thing when you have to decorate your home. Here are some of the ideas that will help you while decorating your home with antiques:-

  • Carved Wooden Blocks

Replace your photo frames with carved wooden blocks. Place carved wooden blocks on the walls. These seem encrypted in a coded symbolic language. It is one of the most trending antiques for home decoration.

BananiVista, Antiques for Home Decoration
Carved wooden blocks
  • Monastery Cabinet

These are the huge wooden cabinets that have small sections made in it. The contents of the cabinet are not visible and the cabinet gives the oldest look to your room. Choose a dull brown colour while buying such a cabinet.

BananiVista, Antiques for Home Decoration
Monastery Cabinet
  • Carved Bed

Replace the couch in your living room with a traditional Indian carved single bed. The carvings take you back to the historic paintings and you feel like reliving the times of rulers and emperors. When you cover this bed with a local traditional print bed-sheet or a plain single coloured, the bed shows its charm.

BananiVista, Antiques for Home Decoration
Indian Carved Bed
  • Animal Carved Flower Vase

Forget the contemporary vases and go for the animal shaped or carved ones of different shapes and sizes. They may look scary at times but these antiques for home decoration are sure to give you a royal feeling. Besides using real flowers, you can also use artificial ones in the vases. Place flowers in one or two but not in all.

BananiVista, Antiques for Home Decoration
Carved Flower Vase
  • Red or Yellow Coloured carpets

Choose carpets of red or yellow colour. When you place them on the floor, they add their beauty to the antique ambience of your home. Make sure that the carpets are printed and not the plain ones.

BananiVista, Antiques for Home Decoration
Red & Yellow Carpets
  • Trunks-

Wooden trunks look the best while using antiques to decorate your home. Besides having a large storage capacity, they look elegant. When you do not have an age old wooden trunk in your home, you can use iron or aluminium trunks. Get them painted in rusty colours with textures to give a real look. Place them in your room and let them take you back in historic times.

BananiVista, Antiques for Home Decoration
Antique Trunk
  • Yellow Lights-

Yellow light gives beauty to the antiques of your home decoration. When changing the lights of your room to yellow is not possible, place an old yellow light lamp near your antique items. When the lamp is lit, the beauty of antique enhances.

BananiVista, Antiques for Home Decoration
Yellow Lights for your Antique Room
  • Traditional Rocking Chairs-

This may sound simple but the visual impact of traditional rocking chairs cannot be neglected. While looking at those chairs in the room’s corner, we carry ages back instantly.

BananiVista, Antiques for Home Decoration
Traditional Rocking Chair


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