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With each region, the wedding traditions and attires differ

8 Unique Indian Wedding Outfits You Didn’t Know About!

8 Unique Indian Wedding Outfits You Didn’t Know About!

the outfits represent the history of the region

Unique wedding outfits differ with each state

The high-point of any wedding, especially in India, is the unique wedding outfits. With so many different states, religions etc, the unique Indian wedding outfits are way more than just Lehengas, Salwar-Kameez, White Gowns, and Sarees.

Let us walk through some of the amazing Indian wedding outfits:

  • Assam: The bride wears cream/off-white colored Paat( produced by the Bombyx Textor silkworm) Mekhela Sador with intricate golden thread embroidery. The groom wears a Paat dhoti-Kurta or the Paat Dhoti is paired with an unstitched silk cloth wrapped over.

    Intricate gold embroidery adorn the outfits

    Assamese weddings celebrate the Paat-Silk

  • Arunachal Pradesh: The unique wedding attires of this state speak of tribal influences. The bride and groom wear dresses made of natural fabrics with vibrant geometric designs along with a headgear called ‘Koktung’

    the attires differ with the tribes

    The outfits are brightly colored with tribal motifs

  • Nagaland: Attires differ for different native tribes. One unique thing is the wearing of the Naga Shawl known as ‘Shatni’. 

    Angami Tribe of Nagaland

    The traditional attire of the Angami tribe of Nagaland

  • Manipur: The Manipuri unique bridal wedding outfit is grand, known as ‘Potloi’. It consists of a stiff and sparkly skirt known as ‘Innaphi’ and a drape.

    The attires are grand

    The Manipuri bride wears a ‘Potloi’

  • Tripura: Staying true to their tribal heritage, the brides wear what is called ‘Risa’: the blouse and ‘Rina’– a wrap skirt, all done in natural fabrics.

    The outfits are true to their tribal heritage

    Tribal Brides from Tripura wear Risa and Rina

  • Meghalaya: The bride wears ‘Dhara’ or ‘Jainesm’ and the groom wears the ‘Lymphong’  Also, a headgear is compulsory.

    Many different tribal dresses are present

    Traditional Dress of Meghalaya’s Jaintia tribe

  • Sikkim: The bride wears a royally decorated apron-like silk outfit called ‘Bakhu’.The bride and groom wear traditional fur or leather hats.

    The state sees a lot of Buddhist and Nepalese influences

    Couple in traditional Lepcha attire

  • Mizoram: This state too shows marked tribal influences in their clothing. The bride wears ‘Puanchei’– A checked long cloth and a shirt over it.

    The checked cloth is a signature

    Different types of Mizo costumes.

It is not an exhaustive list as there are more to it!


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