6 Trending Tattoo Designs-Perfect Places On The Body To Get Inked!

Trending Tattoos

There were times when getting inked was a passion just among the classes, it is now the trend among the masses. Most of the people are ready to tolerate the pain of needles to look cool and get a permanent tattoo made. Before getting inked, know best body part for each type of tattoos. Here is a list of 6 types of tattoos:-


  • Geometrical Figures

These are one of the most difficult types of tattoos because they require perfection. The best body part for geometric tattoos is near your neck or collar bone to be more precise.

BananiVista, Best Body Part for Tattoo
Geometric Tattoo
  • Your Favourite Quote

Get your favorite quote inked on the exterior side of your hand. It is easily visible to others while you talk or fold your arms and gives a reflection of your personality. Choose the quote wisely.

BananiVista, Best Body Part for Tattoo
Favorite Quote Tattoo
  • Graphics

The best body part for graphical tattoos or images is forearm. You can tolerate more pain there; your biceps are the best body part for it and are wide enough to expose the design of the tattoo beautifully.
BananiVista, Best Body Part for Tattoo
Graphics Tattoo
  • Religious Symbols

It depends on whether you want to expose your tattoo or keep it to yourself. Depending on the size of the tattoo and your pain bearing capacity, you can choose the body part between- interior side of hand, biceps, chest, shoulder or back.

BananiVista, Best Body Part For Tattoos
Religious Symbol Tattoos
  • Name/ Sketch of Beloved or Parents

The names of loved ones look beautiful on your arms or your ring finger. If you want to hide it from the world then go for your back. Sketches are difficult but if you really love someone then you can go for their sketch.

BananiVista, Best Body Part for Tattoos
Names of Loved Ones
  • Zodiac Tattoos

They never go out of trend. The best body part for Zodiac name tattoos is interior of your forearm while for the symbol, go for your back.

BananiVista, Best Body Part for Tattoos
Zodiac Sign Tattoos


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