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Exploring rural Rajasthan as never before!

                          Exploring rural Rajasthan as never before

BananiVista, Rural Rajasthan

Rural Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a unique land. The state has much to offer to an avid traveler besides exploring the traditional tourist destinations of Jaipur, Jodhpur or Udaipur. Rural Rajasthan destinations are unique and different, something you should definitely try.

  • Sunset at the salt pans
BananiVista, Rural Rajasthan

Salt Pans at Sambhar Lake.

Evening skies are distinct in Phalodi district as the sun sets on salt lakes making the view a perfect photo click opportunity for anyone. You could watch the salt workers dig out salt from shallow lakes or better try your hand at the same.

  • Living on an organic farm
    BananiVista, Rural Rajasthan

    Live in a Rajasthani style farm house.

Waking up to a bird’s call or satisfying your taste buds with traditionally cooked organic Rajasthani cuisine on open air chulha is something which you can try in rural Rajasthan destinations in many of the farmhouses. Most of these are located at an hour’s drive from Jaipur and offer accommodation in thatched roof huts. You will get a definite feel of rural farmhouses in Rajasthan here.

  • Visiting an abandoned village at night
    BananiVista, Rural Rajasthan

    Visit the ghost village, Kuldhara.

Kuldhara village, an abandoned hamlet can be a worth visiting destination for an avid traveler. Legend points to the fact that the flourishing Paliwal community abandoned 84 villages overnight some 500 years ago. The tale of their suffering is equally bone-chilling and can leave you bewildered.

“Haunted Trail”, a guided tour of the region is the only way to explore the place, in case you chose to visit it during night hours.

  • Relish yourself to traditional cuisine
    BananiVista, Rural Rajasthan

    Relish the traditional savories

When visiting Jaisalmer fort, try finding a sign board of Vyas Meal Services. You are likely to have the best meal of your life if you bump into Chandra Nani, a 70 plus entrepreneur who will offer the traditional Jaisalmer food, Ker sangri (desert beans) is the traditional preparation. Chandra Nani offers to the visitors, a relishing experience which you will remember for long. If you cannot visit rural farmhouses in Rajasthan, a visit to Vyas meal service will compensate for the same.

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