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Red Rice Benefits BananiVista

5 Astonishing Benefits of Red Rice

5 Astonishing Benefits of Red Rice

Once upon a time, the only agricultural product being exported from Bhutan, Red Rice is now available mostly all across our country. A lot of people still are unaware how healthy a food item it is.However, once you read about the benefits of red rice, you would want them immediately in your diet.

We bring to you five majestic benefits of red rice.

Raw Red Rice benefits BananiVista

Raw Red Rice

Facilitates weight loss

Consuming the low-calorie wondrous carbohydrate instead of the white ones would immensely help you in dropping those extra pounds and not your health.

Red Rice Salad benefits Banani Vista

Red Rice Salad

Stronger bones

Along with calcium and zinc, manganese also has a lot of benefits. Red rice contains a fair amount of manganese which helps your bones become stronger.

In The Fields ed Rice Beneifts BananiVista

In The Fields

Helps control diabetes

Diabetes is no more a problem of the old ones. Yes, you heard it right. A lot of young adults, children have been diagnosed with diabetes mostly due to unhealthy eating. The presence of Anthocyanins helps to lower the blood sugar and helps in increased secretion of insulin.

Bhutanese Red Rice benefits BananiVista

Bhutanese Red Rice

Improves Iron deficiency

Nutritional Facts red rice BananiVista

Nutritional Facts

You might want to start including red rice effective immediately in your diet looking at the exceptional benefits they provide. They can help in the formation of red blood cells which means improving your iron levels. Even without a deficiency, you can consume red rice for nutrition.

Helps fight cancer

A lot of studies have concluded that red rice benefits cancer reduction. The presence of lignans helps reduce the risk of cancer especially breast cancer in women after post menopause.

Steamed Red Rice

A bowl full of steamed ones

Tip: Buy the organic ones. If you are too lazy to walk down to a local store, then simply procure them from :


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