In a rhythmic conversation with Kunal Wason, Nasya Band


In a rhythmic conversation with Kunal Wason, Nasya Band

Music is food for the soul. And the food tastes delicious when there’s an excellent chef. Kunal Wason, the vocalist, Nasya Band, personifies the said statement. His songs will make you reach to a different level altogether. The term Nasya means a “miracle of God”.The band was formed in 2007 when some great musicians from diverse backgrounds came together. They have come up with mind blowing tracks from Retro to Sufi, from Romantic ones to Dancing numbers.

Kunal Wason, Nasya Band,BananiVista

So, we got an opportunity to get some insight into Kunal Wason’s musical life. And here it is, just for you:

What’s the life like, when not at Nasya?

I either spend my time with family or I am at the studio, working on my songs in Mumbai where I moved three and a half years ago to explore different opportunities as a singer.

I love traveling to different places with my wife and friends to keep myself away from the professional stress.

Kunal Wason, Nasya Band, BananiVista
Music, his passion

A song you love to perform?

Rabba Mainu Maaf Karin“, It’s my original composition and my first self-composed song in 2007.It was written by me and my Mom which makes it extremely special for me. Most importantly my audience loves when I perform it.

Kunal Wason,Nasya Band, BananiVista
Mesmerizing, he is!!

Did someone ever question you for a backup plan?

Yes, a lot of people ask me about my back up plan.However, it gives me immense pleasure and pride to tell them that though I am a post graduate from Delhi School Of Economics in International Marketing, music is my passion and that is what I would be doing all my life, if not singing, I would still be connected to music in some or the other way.

Kunal Wason Nasya Band BananiVista
Kunal Wason

Your favorite city to perform?

It’s Delhi, my birth city. This place has another level of energy and the people here have been providing me unconditional love and support.This is the city where I gained all my confidence from. So, Delhi is in my veins.

Kunal Wason, Nasya Band,BananiVista
Performance in Delhi

Kudos to their amazing songs and high spirit, the band has shared the stage with some great names of the music world. Following are few from the huge list:

  • Kailash Kher
  • Jal Band
  • Arif Lohar
  • Wadali Brothers
  • Papon
  • Usha Uthup

To know more about the band and what they are up to, visit them at






  1. Nasya…a great name in Musical arena worldwide.
    The mesmerising songs sung by Kunal leaves an everlasting impact on the audience. The music composition by team Nasya is awesome :):):)

  2. “if not singing, I would still be connected to music in some or the other way.” He’d rather connect with music in other ways because he can barely sing in tune anymore.


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