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4 Points to Consider Before Buying High Heels!

                             Points to Consider Before Buying High Heels


Buying heels?

Shopping for the beautiful pair of heels is nothing less than pleasure for a girl. From “aww” to “pretty babies in wardrobe” are the emotions behind your perfect pair of high heels. But it is important not to get carried away by the emotions and invest in something you regret later.

Times have changed and “Beauty is Pain” is no more true, rather what comforts you is on the top of the mind these days.  Here are some pro tips all the ladies should consider while shopping for their“perfect high heels” and to know how should high heels fit:

#1 Comfortable Size and comfort Specifications:

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Buy comfortable ones.

Most important thing to consider is the right size. Just the right size is comfortable, too big and too short will be inconvenient. Always perform the thumb test to see if the thumb is comfortable inside the heel.

Often, pain in heels can be kept under check by feeling your weight evenly distributed across the heel. The front part of sole and cushioning takes the pressure to make it comfortable. Say a big “NO” to the ridiculously high heels. Know your comfortable limits of height and gradually increase. Understand the types of heels, know how should high heels fit, and then go for the best fit.

#2 Buy towards the end:


Buy towards the end of the day.

Foot size tends to change throughout the day. No, it’s not magic! Towards the end of the day, foot might be slightly swollen. The best time to buy comfortable shoes is this time.

#3 Walk Test Drive:


Take a test drive!

Just because the heels fit doesn’t mean they are for you. Walk in the store to see if it bites, don’t just stand up in the shoes, walk a couple steps, go for a cruise around the store. Check if it comforts you, if yes, GRAB them.

#4 Online Stores Buy:


Shop your heels from the stores.

Always prefer buying from a store, if you choose to go for the online option, buy the shoes only if the return option is available.


  • Preeti Chauhan
    August 1, 2017

    Great Post !
    A question – what did you mean by the Thumb rule – should the thumb be able to insert or you meant the Toe should be comfortable

  • Neetu Kadyan
    August 1, 2017

    Thank you 😊
    Yes there should be around 3/4th of a cm expansion space for your toe to fit in.

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