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BananiVista, traditions of Haryana


Unique and exciting historical traditions followed in Haryana


Traditions Of Haryana.

Haryana is the land of rich history and has cultivated many stories and events. Kurukshetra, Mahabharata Warland to the birthplace of the famous sports person, Virender Sehwag, Haryana is known for the power of the citizens. It is the land where the essence of Vedas and Upanishads, Gita Saar was recited. Yet another famous Surajkund Mela is the International Craft theme based Chaupal.

Here when almost everyone knows about the rich history and culture of the State, very few are aware of the unique traditions which were followed religiously earlier. But as the time advances, few beautiful things are left behind; here find such quirky facts about the traditions of Haryana:


  • Haryanvi Dress – Daman, Kurti, and Chunar:

The eccentric fact about the vibrant skirt that the ladies used to wear, Daman, is that this flairy ankle long skirt used to be made up of 52 ‘Gaj’ (1 Gaj = 9 sq ft). The length of the dress used to be around 470 square feet. Just imagine the weight of the graceful flairy hue the ladies used to carry.

BananiVista, traditions of Haryana

The flairy skirt, colorful dupatta, and ethnic jewelry


  • Saang Dance – Reflecting the real sense of the Haryanvi Culture:

Saang or Swang is a dialogue oriented folk song-dance-theater which used to spread social messages and informative awareness among people. Some of the male participants used to enact the roles of ladies; the tradition was started long back in Mughal period. The form was advanced by Krishan Lal Bhaat in 1750 AD.

BananiVista, traditions of Haryana

Men singing Raagni and performing Saang dance


  • Traditional SweetsTantalizing Suhali and Ghewar:

Suhali is a traditional sweet made up of jaggery and wheat flour, another famous sweet in Haryana is Ghewar associated with Teej festival, the sweet is made up of flour and sugar. The healthy sweets were initially made using pure Ghee.

BananiVista, traditions of Haryana

Traditional Sweets – Tantalizing Suhali made of jaggery


BananiVista, traditions of Haryana

Delicious Ghewar, the traditional sweet is mouthwatering


  • Traditional Gift BoxKothli for married daughter:

One of the bizarre traditions followed in Haryana is the traditional Kothli gift sent to the married daughter during the rainy season. The goodies box contains traditional sweets and various other gift items such as dresses. The ages old tradition is still followed in Haryana.

BananiVista, traditions of Haryana

Married daughter receives gifts from her parents and brothers in the Rainy season

Let us know in the comment section below any such bizarre traditions of Haryana or your states.

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