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BananiVista, Curvy figures outfits


Flaunt your Curves with the curvy figures fashion tips!

Everyone is gorgeous in their skin. But we all agree to that fact that not every figure is same. Lean figures flatter the skinny bodies, as many trends go with the slim figures. Have you got the curves to flaunt? Yes, the bust and the waist, and you look great. Don’t worry about “Hide the belly” part; these few tips would help you be picturesque and lovely.

A few fashion tips for curvy gorgeous to outshine and not look oversized:

#8 While choosing the outfits for curvy figures ensure going with excellent tailoring to see if everything fits proportionately. This will make a lot of difference in the looks, avoid loose out fits as they will make you look oversized and say no to the boxy styles.

BananiVista, Curvy figure outfits

Excellent Tailoring of the clothes

#7 Show off your waist using belts, go with tops which will accentuate your narrow waist and curvy bust, such as wrap style dresses, belted tops, form fitting jackets.

BananiVista, Curvy figure outfits

Show off your waist using belts

#6 Embrace shape wears with firm control to look smoother and graceful; Curvy figures must invest in good undergarments to have the right foundation beneath a perfect outfit. Tanks make curvy figures look elegant.

BananiVista, Curvy figure outfits

Embrace the shape wear

#5 Know your specific body type, even if you are curvy, you have distinct body shape, and choose clothes to flatter your shape. While you shop outfits for curvy figures, Try! Try! And Try! the dresses on.

BananiVista, Curvy figure outfits

Know your specific body type

#4 Pay heed to the necklines – Go for V neck, low boat neck, and off-shoulder to show off the color bones and enhance the bust. Avoid turtle necks!

BananiVista, Curvy figure outfits

Pay heed to the neck lines

#3 Bottoms are equally important; choose body hugging bottoms and skirts, such as leggings and jeggings. Consider dark bottoms to look slimmer and avoid many details such as belts, big pockets, etc. on bottoms.

BananiVista, Curvy figure outfits

Bottoms are equally important

#2 Do not over-accessorize and go with simple patterns and keep experimenting with the looks.


Experiment with your looks.

#1 Most important – Be confident and own your curves, Feel beautiful and sexy inside!

BananiVista, Curvy figure outfits

Be Confident

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