Have you heard about Goddess Durga’s idol, which is partly made from the soil outside a prostitutes’ house? Yes, a significant peculiarity of fate, but do you know why literally the soil is utilized for Idol making? Scroll down below!

BananiVista Soil From Brothel
Soil from brothel

The soil is known as “Punya Maati” and it originates from the Nishiddho Palli or Red-light regions.

  • People consider it to be the “Purest” Soil

When a man goes into a prostitute’s home, he leaves his adherence and his purity outside the door making the soil in front of the home pure.

BananiVista Soil From Brothel
Purest soil

The priest begs for it to make the idols, it shall be touched and handed over by a prostitute only!

  • It is an image of female vitality

The soil is used to pay respect those ladies who have been oppressed and exploited by the society. It is to demonstrate the world that they too have potential and can be a Durga!

BananiVista Soil From Brothel
female vitality
  • Incorporation of all the classes in the society

The afflicted segment of the society is disregarded by all and through this procedure, it makes them feel that they are also a part of the society and have a unique place in the world too.

BananiVista Soil From Brothel
Giving the same class
  • To cleanse the prostitutes of their misdeeds

During this procedure of the Punya Maati, the whores are said to be cleansed of their “sins”. Counting them on in making the idols deterges them.

BananiVista Soil From Brothel
Cleanse their sins

While taking the soil from them, the priest recites a mantra and this mantra is said to relinquish their souls. Awesome, isn’t it?

BananiVista Soil From Brothel
They shall be respected

Though these prostitutes belong to an abandoned section of the society, this one festival let them come under one umbrella as devotees of God and is also included in this hypocritical society.

BananiVista Soil From Brothel
Honor them always!



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