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Sanitary Pads BananiVista

Get Affordable, Hygienic & Eco-Friendly Sanitary Pads- All with These 5 brands!

 Get Affordable, Hygienic & Eco-Friendly Sanitary Pads- All with These 5 brands!

Menstruation cycle is one thing which practically every lady needs to manage. Numerous Indian women still utilize scrap sanitary material from old saris and towels, which is the conventional technique for overseeing period for many years.

Sanitary Pads BananiVista

Sanitary Pads

So cheers to a big start and let’s take a sneak peek to those brands which can offer cheap, hygienic, affordable, and eco-friendly pads


A new idea in India, these menstrual cups are made of medicinal grade silicon materials that gather the blood when kept embedded inside the vagina.

Sanitary Pads BananiVista


Unlike normal pads, there’s also no foul smell of the blood, no such rashes or irritations and is significantly more sterile than the sanitary napkins. You can always buy a fresh pack from the online retailing sites.

Jayaashree Industries

Jayaashree Industries’ sanitary napkin machine is fueled by electricity and foot pedals and can produce 1,000 napkins per day for as meagre as Rs 16 per pack of 8 pads.

Jayaashree Industries

They, instead of offering the sanitary items in some commercial places, enables rustic ladies to get one of the machines, at a cost of roughly Rs 80,000, through NGOs, government credits and provincial self-improvement gatherings.

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Goonj NJPC (Not just a piece of cloth)

Goonj began transforming little bits of clean cloth into sterile pads which are now called ‘MY Pad’.


Rather than simply utilizing these pads as an item for sanitation, they use them as an instrument, as a passage point to open up the subject, make mindfulness and boost individuals to think and open up. Over the most recent couple of years, Goonj has possessed the capacity to make more than 2.5 million environmental friendly economic, reusable cloth sanitary napkins.

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The association calls itself a women’s empowerment venture. It bolsters menstrual practices that are beneficial, noble, reasonable or affordable and as well as totally eco-positive. Ecofemme provides washable cloth napkins.


Unlike expendable sanitary napkins, they can be purely washed and re-utilized for a considerable length of time and are made of natural material – cotton, which is biodegradable and significant for any women’s bodies.

You can get in touch with them at-+91 94871 79556

The Anandi Pads by Aakar Innovations

Aakar offers employment chances to rustic ladies and furthermore makes distribution and sales models through town level women entrepreneurs. In fact, they got a brand name called- “Anandi” which is marketed as their sanitary napkins.

Anandi pads

Not only this, but they are accessible at a value point 40% lower than the lowest market contender. The Anandi pads is completely biodegradable in compostable medium, taking care of the issue of rural disposal and guaranteeing minimal harm to the mother earth.

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