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5 Weight Loss Tips For Food Lovers!

           Food Lovers Weight Loss Tips



Food lovers find heaven in food. They love trying out new dishes and cannot resist their favorite dishes.

Lucky are the ones who do not have a tendency of weight gain and can go on enjoying their favorite food without worrying about their weight. However, foodies who have weight gain tendency have to control their food love and diet so as to avoid being obese.

Check these food lovers weight loss tips that will help them manage their weight without compromising with their love for food:-

  • Do not drink water while having your meal

    Do not drink water while having food.

Having water while having your meal, disturbs your food and digestion cycle. Improper digestion leads to deposition of fat in the body. Have water at least after half an hour of having food unless there is an emergency.


  • Do not go to sleep immediately after food

    Do not go to sleep immediately after having food.

There should be an hour gap between your food time and your bed time. Let the calories you just had burn-up otherwise they will deposit in your body.


  • Play Outdoor Sports

    Play Outdoor Sports.

If exercise, gym or yoga seems boring to you, start playing outdoor games. Find a sports companion; play badminton, cricket or football and enjoy while you burn your calories.


  • Sit Seiza

    Sit Seiza.

If you don’t know what seiza means, it is the Japanese sitting posture. It is the best for those who do not have time for exercise. Sit in this posture with your back straight for about 15 minutes after dinner and burn as many calories as you would burn by walking for an hour. It is painful at the start so start with 3 or 4 minutes and then increase slowly to 15 minutes.


  • Drink lots of water

    Drink lots of water

Keep yourself enough hydrated. Drink ample quantity of water throughout the day.


Let us know if you find these food lovers weight loss tips helpful. Keep enjoying food but manage your weight.

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