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4 Simple Bag Packing Tips For The Trekkers!

 4 Simple Bag Packing Tips For The Trekkers


Trekking packing tips

Heading off for a trek to the hills? While half of your worries might lie in finding the right hotel or camping site, equally important are the stuff, you plan to carry on the trek. The bag packing tips for first time trekkers listed below will help you sort out things and travel with a free mind.

  • Camera Bag: No trek is complete without a click from your favourite DSLR. Well, you need to care for it too. You can carry a camera bag or other Trekking bags with a waist belt that puts the weight on the hip rather than your shoulder. It also keeps the camera safe for that perfect shot, you aspire to click.

    Adjust the camera around your waist.

  • Dry Sack: Carry a small dry sack alongside. It can rain in the mountains without a warning and you would not like to be caught on the wrong foot.

    Carry a dry sack to avoid your stuff get wet if it rains.

  • Clothes, Shoes, and Jackets: If you are embarking on a week-long trek, ideally you should carry a pair of trekking pants, thermal innerwear for top and bottom, sleeping pants and up to three pairs of hiking socks. You should also have a fleece jacket and a waterproof jacket which can be worn over the fleece jacket, in the case of any eventuality. A comfortable pair of Trekking shoes, preferably high cut hiking shoes which offer support to the ankle should be worn.

    Carry your hiking shoes.

  • Other essential gear: In case you are camping, a headlamp is highly recommended. It will benefit you in ways, you cannot even think of now. Carry some quick drying towels, reusable water bottles, sunscreen, sunglasses, walking stick, hand sanitizer etc. Not to forget the essential medicines, these can prove to be detrimental in the case of any eventuality.

    Carry headlamps!

“Home is where the heart is” and you are likely to experience this in the mountains, only if you come adequately prepared. Go for it and watch the magic unfold.






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