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Top 5 Places To Have Breakfast In Udaipur: Get A Super Tangy Nashta!

Top 5 Places To Have Breakfast In Udaipur: Get A Super Tangy Nashta!

Located just beside the Lake Pichola and between the Aravalli Hills, Udaipur is a city that requires exploring.

Breakfast types

Breakfast types

Take a sneak peek to these top-notch breakfast choices as you delve into the famous street food in Udaipur

Parathas at Sai Baba Nashta Center

Indulge yourself in this Indian delicacy known as the paratha. These substantial stuffed bread dishes will keep everyone fuelled for a day brimming with touring, strolling and visiting.

Sai Baba breakfastCenter

Sai Baba Nashta Center

This supper here generally accompanies with two Parathas (loaded down with cauliflower, potato and radish are the most popular ones), yogurt and relishing lentil soup.

Aloo parathas

Aloo parathas

Poha at Bhole Nath Nashta Center

In a lavish green range of Sukhadia Circle, anyone will direct you to discover Bhole Nath Nashta Center, where you can get a plate of Poha sprinkled with lemon, mint and namkeen/farsaan which can fulfill all your yearnings.

Bhole nath nashta center

Bhole Nath nashta Center

While having hot Pohas simply begin chatting with Bheru Nath, the proprietor of the stall, he is a super friendly fellow.

Tasty poha breakfast

Tasty poha

Breakfast Platter at Jaiwana Haveli Rooftop Restaurant

Situated on the Pichola Lake waterfront, this eatery is a rooftop favorite for all.

Jaiwana Restaurant

Jaiwana Restaurant

There are assortments of dishes, for example, Namaste Breakfast, which gives a modest bunch of meals, like fruit platters, fresh eggs, and Parathas. Muesli with milk, porridge with honey and French toast is also available.

Breakfast platter

Breakfast platter

Kachori at Shri Lala Mishtan

If samosa is the Lord of our most loved street food, then Kachori is the ruler of our tummy’s heart.

Shri lala mishtan

Shri Lala mishtan

For over 15 years, Shri Lala Mishtan is serving heavenly zesty kachoris and noticeably tops among many other kachori shops in Udaipur. The bona fide, authentic kachoris with a punch of tamarind chutney will give you a kick start for the rest of the day.

Tasty kachoris

Tasty kachoris

Bread Pakoda at Pandit Ji

No such list of Indian snacks finishes without specifying pakodas, nor your trip to Fatehsagar will complete without having the Bread Pakodas there. 99% of Udaipur’s tourists have the popular Bread Pakora of Pandit Ji at Fatehsagar.

Pandit ji's stall

Pandit Ji’s stall

Bread Pakoda is a propelled variant of customary pakodas, flavored with onions and potatoes, stuffed between bread slices and deep fried. You can see the entire procedure of making it while having your nibble at Pandit Ji’s famous stall.

Bread pakoda

Bread pakoda

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    July 14, 2017

    A very nice article 🙂 Good to read, and I suggest, people should read this post, as it is very helpful for the ones who are visiting Udaipur and Rajasthan. A breakfast tips are always helpful.
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  • Kaushal rockzz
    July 14, 2017

    very helpful article. we really do need breakfast places when we go for a trip. thank you for sharing this. Kachoris are my favorite. But are the shops still present there??????

  • Guerilla
    July 14, 2017

    It’s all there in Udaipur?
    I will visit very soon

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    July 14, 2017

    This website has sooooo many useful articles.
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    July 14, 2017

    ok. so do you think all the dishes will be tasty enough? to go there…
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