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Banani Vista Hariyali Teej

Super Six reasons for witnessing Hariyali Teej

The vivacious Rajasthan has endless reasons to welcome you throughout the year. Few amongst the exhaustive list are the rich cultural festivals, the picturesque fairs, the warm traditional celebrations. One of such festival that’s really close to the heart of Rajasthan is, Hariyali Teej. Married and unmarried women keep a Nirjala fast (fasting without water) and can be seen wearing lovely saris, singing and dancing and a lot more. The fast is observed to pray for spouse’s long and healthy life. Whilst there is so much to talk about,we’ll throw light on the most eye-catching events that’ll leave you awestruck.


The gorgeous swings

The swings that are hung from the trees during the celebration are absolutely a treat for the eye. They are decorated with lovely flowers, a different type of leaves. Women can be seen dancing and singing as well around the swings.


Women enjoying the swing

Women enjoying the swing


The royal procession

In the Pink city, Jaipur grand homage is paid to the Teej Mata, also known as Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva. A procession is carried out across the city so that people can pay their respect and love towards the goddess.


Idol of Goddess Parvati

Idol of Goddess Parvati


Melodious folk songs

Women are seen singing various songs mostly for longevity of the husband’s life and of course their married life. Some of the most common ones are Aayo Aayo Teej Tyohar, Baga mein jhula gai re.


Women enjoying the festivity

Women enjoying the festivity


The ravishing attire and henna

Married women dress up so beautifully that they almost look like brides. They wear jewelry, apply henna with some marvelous designs on their hands. Red and green remain the most seen colors.


Beautiful, isn't it?

Beautiful, isn’t it?


Community fairs

Just when the festivity is about to begin there are various stalls that are organized from where the women can buy the required things like bindis, henna, bangles etc. Not that there are no markets but these traditional stalls increase the essence of the festival.


The lovely bangles at the stall

The lovely bangles at the stall


The sinful Ghewar

Its roots being in Rajasthan, ghewar can be termed as the delicacy of the festival. It’s a circular tart that comes in various sizes, soaked in sweet syrup and stuffed with Rabri, it surely sounds mouth-watering, doesn’t it?


So yum!!

So yum!!


Don’t worry people ,you can still make your bookings to be there, this Hariyali Teej on July 26th 2017.

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