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7 Gift Ideas for your Sister This Raksha Bandhan!

                      Gift Ideas for your Sister This Raksha Bandhan

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Raksha Bandhan!

7th August, Raksha Bandhan is around the corner. Girls are busy choosing a beautiful Rakhi to tie on the hands of their brothers while boys are thinking of gifts for their sisters.

So here is a help for you. Choose gifts according to the age of your sister:-

  • Under 30
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    Make your sister happy with amazing gifts!

Forget her age; a girl is still a kid at heart if she is under 30. Here are some of the gifts for your kiddo sister:-

  • Chocolates A girl’s love for chocolates is never going to fade away. They are her weakness and make her forget her dieting plans.
  • Soft Toys Teddy Bears are old. There are a variety of stuffed toys available in the market like Minions, monkeys, dogs, etc. and a girl loves adding them to her room.

    Raksha Bandhan gifts

  • Cosmetics A makeup box and cosmetics are used and needed by every girl. Pamper her by gifting some.
  • A Stylish Purse Gift her purse or a handbag of such a size that suits her needs. She might be having 10 purses in her cupboard but there is always space for the 11th


  • Between 30 to 50

Prefer not to give your sister consumables at this age. She would love preserving each and every gift from her brother.

  • Jewelry Every lady loves wearing jewelry. Gift her some bangles, earrings or necklace and she will remember you every time she wears them.
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    Jewelry for your sister!

  • Take her out for Shopping Take your sister out and let her buy a suit, saree or footwear of her choice and you pay.


  • Above 50

At this age, she does not need any gift. She just wants to meet you and talk to you. Make sure that you visit her and make her happy. That will be the best gift for her.

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Meet your sister this Raksha Bandhan!


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