10 Music Festivals In The Country You Need to Pack Your Bags For!

Music lets you be your free self; Travelling empowers you to find yourself; combined, you be a new you! Unwind the fi Estero and pack your bags already to have a lifetime experience through these top Music Festivals in India.

Here we suggest our top picks, for you to travel for music.

#10 Ziro music festival, Arunachal Pradesh

Music Festivals.
Ziro Music Festival.

The four days gala event brings the locals with the globals in an ideal ambiance of paddy fields in the valley at the height of approx. 5500. The tranquil gloomy affair with the underground grooving music is just the right stop for the traveler in search of the melody.

Style – Multi-genre

Season – September


       #9 Sunburn Music Festival, Goa

Music Festival
Sunburn, Goa

You will find none who doesn’t know about the grand EDM music festivals in India. The carnival is Asia’s biggest music fest. Sunburn is synonymous with non-stop music, dance and fun.

Style – EDM

Season – December


#8 Magnetic Field, Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan

Music Festival
Magnetic Field

Another magnificent grandeur fascinates you by magically transforming your ordinary existence into vibrant utopia. The fest is a royal trip with the musical trap.

Style – Multi-genre

Season – December


#7 Hornbill International Music Festival, Kohima

Music Festival
Hornbill Festival

A ten days musical talent contest amalgamated with throbbing and cultural tribal performances is where one needs to absorb the charisma of noisy euphonious twilights soaked in music.

Style – Electronic

Season – December


         #6 Bacardi NH7 Weekender Express, Various cities

Music Festival
Bacardi NH7 Weekender

A swiftly growing huge event enticing thousands of music lovers has a mix of spectacular local and international performances, all under the same umbrella. People go crazy once the schedule is announced.

Style – Multi-genre

Season – As per schedule


     #5 Ragasthan Music Festival, Rajasthan

Ragasthan Music Festival
Ragasthan Music Festival

Camping under the moonlit Azure and over the golden sand, the symphony in the air, and quivering culture makes it a perfect music destination that you would ever relish. One could not ask for more in this Rajasthan Music Festival.

Style – Multi-genre

Season – November (Dates yet to be announced)


#4 Jodhpur RIFF, Music Festival, Jodhpur

Music Festival
Jodhpur RIFF

Rajasthani folk dance and classic Indian folk music, spiced up in various genres, wrapped majestically in a cultural dub and served at Mehrangarh Fort is a globally appealing treasure trove for music enthusiasts.

Style – Folk and folk-fusion

Season – October


#3 Enchanted Valley Carnival, Aamby Valley, Lonavala

Music Festival
Enchanted Valley Festival

The three days feasting mesmerizes people with Indian and International talents in an adventuresome experience of campings. It is the breathtaking scenery dissolved in pure accords.

Style – Multi-genre

Season – December


#2 Sulafest, Nashik

Music Festival
Sulafest Nasik

One of the famous Music Festivals in the country is Sulafest Nasik. This two days annual event is just the right destination for captivating ritornelle under the influence of invigorating wine. The music is alluring with wine.

Style – Multi-genre

Season – February


   #1 Kasauli Rhythm and Blues, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

Music festival
Kasauli Rhythm and Blues

The cause and the form, both are breath taking and pulsating at the same time. The paradise, starlit sky, and the mellow music are must to witness and help the underprivileged.

Style – Multi-genre

Season – To be announced

Which one are you heading to? Let us know your experiences.



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