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Mumbai, the Ultimate City of Dreams Never Fails to Amaze You!

                    Mumbai, the city of dreams never fails to amaze you!


The City Of Dreams-Mumbai.

They truly say once you have lived in Mumbai, no other city is good enough. Eventually, you fall in love with the liveliness of this place. Mumbai has something to offer to each and every class of people or rather to each and every individual. Yes, it is a city of dreams and when you move around, it will always inspire you to do big in life and to go for that one thing you have always wished to do. So when I say Mumbai disappoints no one, let me show you what it has to offer.


  • Love festivals and colors?: The way Mumbaikars celebrate a festival is nothing but spectacular. I bet you will leave everything and go join people dancing on the dhol beats when you cross a Ganpati Visarjan procession. Yes, Ganesh Utsav is the biggest festival here. Don’t forget to visit Lalbagh-cha-Raja if you are here during the festival. Janmashtami, Navratri, Ramzan are also celebrated with similar enthusiasm.
    Mumbai, BananiVista

    Ganesh Utsav

  • Are you stressed?: The vast Mumbai coastline is waiting for you if you need relaxation after your stressful 9-5 job or after a heartbreak. Go sit peacefully at Marine drive, Bandra Bandstand or Carter Road after office or on weekends. The cool breeze and the sea waves soothe you and you will find yourself drowning in your deep thoughts as you get your peaceful time here. You can also go to Juhu Chowpatty or Aksa beach with friends and family on weekends and have some great time together.
    Mumbai, BananiVista

    Marine Drive


  • Love shopping?: Mumbai is a shoppers paradise as well. This is something girls would love and they would love it more when they find out that they can bargain their heart out here. Forget the Louis Vuitton and H & Ms, you will get your favorite dress on streets here. You can look fashionable under 500. Go shop at Colaba Causeway, Linking Road, Chor Bazaar or Fashion street for clothing, footwears or other accessories.

    Shopping at Colaba

  • Love enjoying the night?: If you are a night person, you would be amazed to see people sitting at Marine Drive till morning on weekends. Mumbai truly has a night life and you would love it. You can go for cultural performances ranging from theaters to stand ups. Also, there are many trendy bars and lounges in Bandra, Colaba or South Mumbai you may visit and celebrate the night life here. And yes Mumbai is safer than any other city in India for the fact that no place remains isolated at night. There are people and police everywhere.
    Mumbai, BananiVista

    Enjoy Mumbai’s nightlife

  • Are you a foodie and love to travel places for good food?: Mumbai offers a range of delicacies. Be it Bade Miya’s chicken tikka rolls, Elco’s Panipuri or Bachelor’s juices and milkshakes, you would love all. Don’t forget to visit Muhammad Ali road during the Ramzan month for some awesome Chicken tikkas, Shawarmas and Kebabs. Mumbai is also known for Parsi delicacies. You would get some authentic and delicious Parsi food at Cafe Military and Paradise. Also, there are numerous famous Khao gallis you can visit.
    Mumbai, BananiVista

    Taste the Kababs in Bademiya, Mumbai


Besides these, the one thing which you would love about Mumbai is its spirit. Be it people in the crowded locals, the Ferri Wala’s or the auto rickshaw driver, you can be friends with all of them. You make friends here in locals and at bus stands and they will help you in one way or the other. People here are helpful, love their culture and always want good for their nation. So the best thing about Mumbai is its people who make this a city of dreams.


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