An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Tirtha Mukherjee: Everything You Need To Know About PCOD!

Dr. Tirtha Mukherjee is a Consultant Gynaecologist & Specialist Laparoscopic Oncosurgeon, associated with Multi-speciality Hospitals in Kolkata, India. Excerpts from the conversation he had with BananiVista.

Dr. Tirtha Mukherjee

BV: What is PCOD all about? How do you define in layman’s terms?

Dr: PCOD or PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disease or Syndrome) is a medicinal issue in which the level of hormones goes haywire which induces the development of small n multiple ovarian cysts.


BV: What causes this syndrome and who are likely to get affected?

Dr: At present, 30% of the genetic factors and Hormonal Imbalances are related to this disease. Also, lack of exercise and having excessive junk and fast foods may lead to this syndrome. All adolescence female from 13-45 age groups is likely to get affected with this disease.

Junk food causes PCOD
Junk food causes PCOS

BV: Is PCOD a serious disorder? What are the long term repercussions if not treated?

Dr: Yes it is. Long term repercussions may include Endometrial Cancer (Not proper shedding of Endometrial) and also Anovulation, which causes infertility.

PCOD impacts
PCOS impacts

BV: What are the changes one can see in their body with PCOD?

Dr: With PCOD, one can see cosmetic changes. Like, Hirsutism (increased body hair growth), which occurs due to the increased level of Male Hormones (Testosterone). Also, weight gain (Obesity), Pigmentation (Blackening of skin tone), increased Male hormonal features (Attracting towards female) etc.

Increased hair growth

BV: Is there any relation of PCOD and weight gain? If yes, what one should do to lower their weight gain? 

Dr: Yes there is. One needs to do proper diet and appropriate physical exercise.

Prevent PCOD
Prevent PCOD

BV: How does PCOS affect fertility?

Dr: It increases the Insulin level in the body resulting in the high production of Androgens (Testosterone). It hampers the ovulation and hormonal cycle. So a cycle without any ovulation leads to higher chances of Infertility.

No Ovulation
No Ovulation

BV: Can a PCOS person be at a risk of developing other problems? If so, what signs she should look for?

Dr: Yes. Signs would indicate increased lipids and risks of coronary Heart disease.

Coronary heart disease
Coronary heart disease

BV: Is there any permanent cure for PCOS?

Dr: No. Only good lifestyle habits may prevent the high risks of this Syndrome.

Change lifestyle habits
Change lifestyle habits

BV: Any message on how to avoid having PCOD?

Dr: More of counseling and awareness programs are needed, rather than medication. Avoiding junk foods and regular physical workouts may help to do so.

Make awareness


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