Incredible Jain Wedding Traditions- Fascinating Rituals All Over!

Jain traditions and customs with respect to their weddings are truly simple but then very ritualistic and magical in nature. They also believe in solemnising the wedding with the favours and blessings of the God and elders.

Jain weddings

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Pre-wedding customs and ceremonies-

Lagana Lekhan

This tradition is fundamentally a small puja which is done at the bride’s place. Here the ‘pandit ji’ chooses a date and the right time, that is favorable and apt for the wedding.

Lagna Lekhan ceremony

Lagan Patrika Vachan

The Lagna Patrika Vachan should be perused at the groom’s house before the commencement of the wedding. This ceremony involves the reading of the Lagna Patrika by the priest only after the Vinayakyantra puja.

Lagna Patrika


In the Sagai ritual, which is held at the groom’s place, it is seen that the Bride’s brother puts a tikka on his jijaji’s forehead. Also, he gives him blessings and gifts such as adornments, money, garments and so on.


Baraati and Aarti

After the Sagai, the Mada Mandap puja is held at both the bride and the groom’s place, and along with that, the baraat is invited with an aarti thaali. Also, the brother of the bride and the groom apply tikka on each other’s foreheads.


The wedding traditions and rituals of the Digambar Jains also include Mangal Pheras, Granthi Bandhan and exchanging of flower garlands.

Mangal pheras

Post-wedding traditions and ceremonies-


After the whole wedding ceremonies are finished, the newly hitched couple takes the blessings of the considerable number of elders present there. This is known as the Ashirvada ritual.


Sva Graha Aagamana

At the point when the bride, as well as the groom, comes to the Groom’s place, the groom’s family renders her an immense warm welcome.

Graha agamana

Jina Grahe Dhan Arpana

After that ceremony, the whole family implores at a Jain temple and give gifts and endowments to the needy people as donations.

Dhan Arpan

Family Gatherings or Reception

The gathering party is the headliner or main event that is facilitated by the groom’s family. It is typically held a day or two after the marriage.


The friends and other family members from both the bride’s and groom’s extended family go to this function to give their gifts and blessings to the newbie couple.



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