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3 Bizarre Customs followed in Himachal Pradesh!

    Unusual Customs in Himachal Pradesh!

The breathtaking beauty of Himachal is unique to the core. One has to be here once to explore this amazing land. Dev Bhoomi, as it is popularly known follows some unique customs which make it truly distinct from the rest.

Buddhi Diwali


Buddhi Diwali

Shillai region of District Sirmaur and Ani region in Kullu celebrate Diwali exactly a month after it is celebrated in rest of the country. Animal sacrifice is common in this festival until the High Court banned this tradition.

If you are still thinking as to why Diwali is known as Buddhi Diwali here, the explanation lies in the remoteness of the region. These areas are still not easily accessible and in that era, the news of the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya reached them late and hence Diwali festivities were delayed by a month.

Pathron Ka Mela


Pathron Ka Mela

Dhami, a small village in the vicinity of Shimla observed human sacrifice which was later banned by the queen in late 18th century. This tradition was replaced by one of the unusual customs in Himachal Pradesh where people from two villages- Halog and Jamog gather on a hillock, a day after Diwali and throw stones at each other. Once someone gets injured, the idol of Goddess Kali is smeared with that blood and is considered a sacrifice. The tradition still continues unabated.

Atta –Satta Ka Nata


Atta-Satta Ka Nata

One of the unusual customs of Himachal Pradesh observes a series of marriages are arranged simultaneously. A father promises the hand of his daughter to another’s son on the condition that the later will promise hand of his daughter to the third man’s son. The last person in the series will then promise the hand of his child to first man’s son or daughter, as the case may be.







  • Abhishek
    July 11, 2017

    Never heard about them! Those customs are definitely unique.

  • Rajlakshmi
    July 11, 2017

    woaa these facts are really surprising. Never heard of these customs before.

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