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4 ways to determine the fake brand clothes!

The biggest dilemma of shopping is whether the one paying a hefty amount for the genuine branded clothes or not.

Have no more nightmares and pay heed to a few details enlisted to determine fake fashion:


#1 Look out for stitching details


Look for stitching details.

Look for stitching details.


Examine the clothes, authentic and high-end products have streamlined, consistent and without any frays. Original products generally have more stitches per inches if compared to the counterfeits.

Look at the cloth, the stitching thread should have the same color and no gaps while gentle pull at the seams. The clean stitches and straight sewn seams are hallmarks of the genuineness.


#2 Logo speaks it aloud


Logo speaks out loud

Logo speaks out loud


Logos are the critical attribute to judge the authenticity of the branded clothes. Consider the spellings written on the tags, tag of wash care with the same logo, and proper alignment of logo pattern. Stitched logos should have the same number of stitches on the back sides. A candid cloth will have a perfect logo.


#3 Zips and Buttons unveils the truth


Branded Buttons

Branded Buttons


Check out for brand name inscribed on the buttons and the zipper pulls. Avoid exposed zippers, and prefer flat covered zippers. Holding stitch should be congruent to the fabric. Pay heed to smooth movement of zippers.


#4 Fine fabrics


Wear Fine Fabrics

Wear Fine Fabrics


The fabric is perhaps the most important stuff.  Feel the fabric, check the lining, outer fabric and the branded clothes have fine quality fabric. Check the label for fabric type, the touch will help you to determine fake fashion clothing.

Hold the cloth up to the bright light; thicker the fabric better is the quality. Hold the garment in your fist for a few seconds and leave it, and check the withstanding for better fabric. For the lower part of the dress or the skirts, pluck the fabric slightly to know if the material is altered.

Do let us know in the comment section below what worked for you or any important tips that you want to share with us.

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