8 Weird Men Fashion Trends That Need To Go

Men fashion is constantly evolving
Men are embracing the fashion game

Men’s fashion is evolving. Most of the time, fashion is equated with women. But gone are the days when fashion was a women-only domain. With the evolution of metrosexuality, men fashion was no longer just wearing good clothes.

With the advent of the avant-garde and haute-couture for men, one can witness some very weird trends too. Let’s find out about some and hope they never come back.

  • Men Skirts: Men in skirts are nothing new. Scottish men have been wearing kilts since ages. We see celebrities like Ranveer Singh flaunting these skirts with great gusto and taking men fashion to a whole new level. Can it evolve into something like women wearing jeans? We don’t think so! We have had enough, to be honest!

    Ranveer Singh loves experimenting with his clothes
    Ranveer Singh doesn’t mind his skirts
  • Super-Skinny Jeans & Muscle Tees: This particular trend was popularized and stereotyped as belonging to the Delhi-Haryana Boys’ Club. Paired with tight tees, the sleeves would stop at the bulging biceps, showing off the gym-body.

    very tight tees and jeans could make the man look constricted
    Super skinny pants can choke you and others
  • Transparent/ Lacey Vests: There’s something cringe-worthy about a man showing his nipples in public through a see-through vest or tee.

    See through clothes have better alternatives
  • Boot-Cut Jeans: The love-affair with boot-cut jeans should be officially over and laid to rest.

    Bootcut pants have lived their life
    Boot-cut days are so over
  • Leather Pants: Women might look oh-so-hot in leather pants, but it’s a fashion no-no for men. Much like Ross from Friends, whose pants got stuck in his girlfriend’s bathroom, the only way for them is downwards.

    Men fashion
    Leather Pants
  • Socks with Sandals: One of the weirdest trends was wearing socks with sandals, especially if the guy was wearing shorts or 3/4 ths. Many IT-type guys would flaunt them at their workplaces too.

    Men fashion
    Socks with sandals.
  • Harem Pants: Many women swear by harem pants to feel the most comfortable. But its presence on the men’s fashion stage is a boo-boo. Many A-listers have tried pulling off that look on red-carpet events. No joke!

    are men harem pants even a thing
    Harem Pants are an overkill
  • Coat Over Nothing: Again, this is the domain of many celebs. If showing off rippling 6-pack abs is the ultimate way to assert sexiness, there are better ways to do so. Seriously.

    men fashion
    coat over nothing

There are many fads that appear from time to time. But these fashion trends took a whole generation by storm. Like everything else, these too came with a shelf-life. Sooner the people get over them the better!


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